Mom-Life Cheap & Easy Meal Prep

It’s been 3+ months since I’ve done a post on fitness & healthy eating here! Where’ve I been? Oh you know…not sleeping…barely attending the gym…eating entire bags of chocolate-dipped seafoam toffee (ok, it only happened one time).

This is my third straight week of attending the gym a minimum of four sessions per week for weights and cardio, hurray for being back on track!

Truth is…I am coming off a bad hitch of no sleep with this beautiful child. I must have went a solid 6 weeks of waking up every hour of the night…and that does nothing good for cravings, health, willpower, decision-making abilities, or weight loss. Stress builds, cortisol rises, and voila…the perfect storm. What did I do to cope with my delirium? Starbucks…no joke. A grande Chestnut Praline latte (non fat, half-sweet, no whip…not all bad!!!) got me out of the house and walking around malls most days, so I was hardly at home to eat very healthy, and if I was home, I was too tired to cook.

Thank the LORD that is over. We started Rowen on solids a week after the holidays, and she’s been sleeping longer stretches at night for the past week and half. I am starting to feel more human, and less emotional as time goes on.

Anyways! I just wanted to share literally the FASTEST, easiest and cheap meal prep for just lunches for a mom who is busy with baby(ies).

All you need is:

1 pack of fresh 5-6 chicken breasts
1-1.5 bags of frozen green beans
2.5 cups of cooked brown (or white) rice
assorted spices
ziploc containers

Tired of eating the same chicken all week long? There’s an easy fix for that. Lay raw, diced chicken on greased & foiled baking sheet. Make sure pieces are not touching! (very important). Roll up separate pieces of foil to divide into three flavors as per the picture. Bake for 25 – 30 minutes at 350 degrees and voila….lunches for the week. Honestly this has saved me quite a few times on Sundays.

Measure out equal portions of all your food among 5 microwaveable containers. High protein & satisfying πŸ™‚

My other go-to is having a tupperware container of tuna or salmon salad made with half-fat Hellman’s mayo, chopped celery and some S&P.

If you’re not into a fish, you might love this! At the beginning of the week, cook 4 frozen chicken breasts in your slow-cooker on HIGH for 2-3 hours, then shred and drain them. Mix with a couple tablespoons of half-fat Hellman’s mayo, chopped celery, dried cranberries, pecans, and S&P. Soooo delicious & a little bit like Christmas haha.

And here’s my pumpkin…growing like a weed. I often spy on her when she’s sleeping kus she’s just so cute. Keeping me up at night, and making it a rough go for me to hit the gym, but she’s worth it ❀



One response to “Mom-Life Cheap & Easy Meal Prep

  1. Wow, mommy brain! Apparently I HAVE seen your posts, then promptly forgotten about them. πŸ˜›

    That chicken salad looks delicious!

    Also, we have basically the same Starbucks order (when I treat myself): grande half-sweet praline, decaf and lactose free. I know I have one coming up next Saturday and I CAN’T WAIT. πŸ™‚

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