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Food has really changed of late around our house. Cory started school for the next 6-7 weeks to complete his second year electrician, and well, I’m on mat leave of course. Funds are tight for this coming month, so I’ve really gotten a bit experimental with meals. I’ve been doing tons of reading on how families ate during the Depression, and other cultures who don’t revolve an entire meal around meat.

For example, last night I spent a good 2.5 hours making this healthy and amazing moroccan stew called Harira (often eaten during Ramadan to break daily fast). You can find dozens of recipes on Pinterest for it, but I found it by googling recipes that used ‘chicken and chickpeas’. I’ve slowly been building up my pantry for the past while, so I was super happy that I had pretty much all the ingredients on the long list. It has a small amount of chicken by American standards, but still packs the protein and fibre with lentils, chickpeas, and brown rice. It’s spices of cinnamon, ginger, pepper, cumin, and turmeric leave you feeling warm and satisfied. The squeeze of lemon before consuming brightens the whole dish up nice. Trying to eat healthy while breastfeeding has me leaning toward dishes that are rich and satisfying, and this one definitely meets all of that.


My little summer baby is now a 3 month old pumpkin! And I really mean she’s tiny…at her appointment this week she was 24 inches long but weighing only 11lbs 11oz :|. My doctor isn’t worried (my husband is tall and slim, and according to my mother, I was a tiny baby too). She laughs now every now and then, and smiles frequently. She loves Grandma & Grandpa giving her attention. She still wakes me up all night long…but oh well.

With all the wake-ups, it’s been a little hard getting workouts in because of fatigue. I went to Strollercize 3 times last week, but I think that’s about to come to an end. It’s A) not challenging enough. I’m looking for something with more running and cardio…something that makes me feel dead & sore afterward. B) The instructor has some questionable workouts I don’t agree with. I’ve hurt my arm 2 weeks in a row now after her Wednesday class where she does a pyramid workout. She had us do 150 reps of bicep curls at one point. I had a 7.5lb dumbbell (nothing compared to when curling 22.5lbs for 6 reps at the gym) but I still managed to hurt myself because NO ONE should be doing that many reps. That’s repetitive strain, and I’ve heard some of the other moms complain of it as well. So I’m debating going back to doing my Insanity DVDs at home 3x a week for cardio instead, and hitting the gym 3 days a week for weights.

I just may be signing myself up in January for Crossfit if I need something even more challenging.


Speaking of other satisfying meals that don’t involve meat, if you haven’t given Turkish Eggs a try, you are missing out on an amazing dish! I have made this for a few friends and they are in love with it. The flavors are simple but all come together nicely (garlic-yogurt, soft-poached eggs, and smoked paprika-cayenne butter sauce).


And this happens three times a week at least. Dad comes home, THEN the baby decides to nap with him, and I watch the evening news while making dinner. Hallelujah for peace and quite for 35 minutes haha.

PS. I have now started a second blog, it’s following just the “motherhood/raising a baby” side of things in my life, but if you’re interested you can click here to check it out.



3 responses to “Food Changes & A Mom Blog

  1. Mmm, do you have a recipe link for the Harira? I have been trying to make things that pack a nutritional punch but are simple and yummy. I’ve cut down on meat a bit to save dollars, so extra protein from things like chickpeas has been great!

    Those Turkish Eggs look wonderful. I can’t wait to be able to eat runny yolks again!

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