2 Months Into the Grind

Tomorrow officially marks Rowen at 2 months old! And guess who already got her first “cycle” despite exclusively breastfeeding 😐 apparently that whole “you won’t get it for a year while BFing” is a widely popular club from which I am excluded 😦

I got into the full swing of workouts at about 6 weeks postpartum, including a cardio class called Strollercize. It’s basically baby bootcamp where you do circuit training and running with the stroller in between. It’s basically a bit of hell after having a baby. At my first class I tried to wing it on the bear crawl while my feet were on discs. Not only did I nearly vomit, but I came to a realization; I thought I hated ab exercises BEFORE I was pregnant…bu those are a sweet memory compared to now.

I’m not going to lie, I was super hard on myself after that class. Sprinting felt amazing without the ‘lightning crotch’ of pregnancy, but I couldn’t finish the lines. You forget you actually need those ab muscles to run, and that shit is weak after 9 months of pregnancy coupled with delivery. Pardon my french, mom…I couldn’t think of an equivalent word with adequate punch to use. The next three classes weren’t too bad, and I’ve returned to my heavy weightlifting routine. EXCEPT now I have been recovering from a baaaad cold and haven’t returned in a week. Hopefully going to do some legs today. Just legs. Don’t put me down for cardio


Still we’ve been out for nightly walks at least an hour long with the baby in the Tula. I’ll be so sad when I can’t take her out for an easy stroll in the winter except at the track, but that’s what I have a membership for. 

I can’t remember if it was in my last post, but I weighed myself on a whim and lost 2 pounds in 2.5 weeks πŸ™‚ putting me at just 3 pounds leftover from pregnancy! And that was just focusing on working hard in exercise, my eating is still more like 60/40 rather than 80/20.


Speaking of being slim, this cutie is pretty slim herself, and I didn’t really realize it till I saw other people’s babies her age! She can fit some 6 mos pants in length, but she needs to fill out a bit more around the middle. She must have her dads metabolism kus that ain’t mine.


As far as healthy eating goes…I’ve mostly just been trying to cook at home on a budget and not eat out. This has resulted in a lot of one pot meals such as:

❀ Macaroni with organic frozen veggies & ham

❀ Penne with Chicken in Tomato Basil sauce (made from scratch not a jar)

❀ Burrito bowls with shredded chicken, kidney beans, and couscous.

Currently I’m just focusing on increasing protein in recipes without increasing meat (or $$ for that matter). I;m already eyeing a recipe for canned wild salmon mixed with chick peas and spices πŸ˜‰

TGIF folks πŸ˜€


2 responses to “2 Months Into the Grind

  1. Oh dear… mine took 11 months to come back and I wasn’t even breastfeeding!!! Crazy how different we all are.
    What are your biggest eating vices at the moment? I’m (still) trying to work out what and how to be more careful around as this pregnancy continues. My biggest vice is sugar…Just keep getting sucked back in!!!

    • Hmm, id say biggest vices are sweet n salty granola bars. They get me through the hungry times of 3am or 6am feeds. The biggest thing that helped me during pregnancy was following roughly a 2000 calorie/day, and to try and meet 100 g of protein/day. That way I could still have sugary stuff, I just had to follow the portion amounts on bags and such.

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