Rowen Lynn – it’s a girl! 

  It’s been a solid 4 weeks since I blogged – I’m happy to tell you that the week I was overdue, I went to the gym 3x, including a heavy deadlift session the day I lost my mucus plug.

4 days later I gave birth to a beautiful girl! Guess my “mama instincts” don’t extend to the gender department haha. We welcomed baby Rowen Lynn at 2:24pm on August 3rd, weighing a whopping 8lbs 6oz and measuring 21.25 inches. 

Labor was a doozie by the way. I worked out through pregnancy for a couple reasons…to help me bounce back and hopefully ease labor + delivery. Well it did help me bounce back afterwards, but unfortunately it only helped with the delivery part. 


Friday was 40+4 (the day after deadlifting) I had my bloody show, and had already started having contractions that morning and they went away. Went to bed Friday night, and was woken by contractions again at 5:30am that lasted a couple hours. They were pretty painful and I had a feeling time was almost up. I slept till 11, and decided that I wasn’t going to miss the best food festival ever because it was only on for 3 days.

Yeah there’s my mom and I…and the last picture I ever took pregnant. I was having the contractions the whole 4 hours I walked around stuffing my face. Around 4:30pm I started feeling kind of strong contractions again so we left to go home.

After a bath around 6:30pm, I was feeling ok again, so we went over to my parents and visited with them and friends. After 2 hours, I noticed I started getting single contractions every 15-20 minutes. By the time I left my parents house, it was 12:15 AM Sunday. Cory went to bed, but I told him I didn’t think I was coming. 

Then at 1:40am, when I was dozing on the couch through contractions, I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I started throwing up into a yellow bucket, and at the same time TMI…I had to have a bowel movement while throwing up. So I did, while holding the bucket. That’s probably the most helpless feeling ever lol. In the moment I thought “yup, going into labor because the body is trying to evacuate itself of everything.”

I immediately started having intense contractions, and woke up Cory. We timed them, and they were 4.5 minutes apart and lasting 90 seconds. The doula came over at 3:30am and sent Cory to bed. This went on for a couple of hours till they just faded out. I got one randomnly every 20-30 minutes that painfully brought me out of the little sleep I had. 

The doula went home at noon to rest because we were up all night. With a break from contractions, I made sure my hospital bag was ready and yes, I actually put some waterproof makeup on lol.

So now we are at Sunday afternoon, and at 3ish they started again. Lasting a minute every 15 minutes. Then over the next 2 hours they progressed to lasting 2 minutes every 8 minutes, and that’s where they were stuck. 

A friend who has 3 kids happened to call at this time, about 6:30pm. When I answered, I had a 2 min contraction that she heard the whole way through. Then she said “ok Sierra, I think it’s time to go to the hospital now. Those sound intense enough that you’re on the verge of panic.”

So I took her word for it, and called the doula to meet us at the hospital. We were put in triage at 7:30pm, and when they checked me I was only 3.5 cm. They sent me on a walk for an hour, and when they checked me again I was at 4cm. They admitted me at 9:30 since I was progressing, albeit slowly.

From 10pm to 2:30am Monday was the longest time period of my life. My contractions progressed to lasting 2 minutes at 3 minutes apart. They were almost unbearable. They wheeled in the Entonox (laughing gas) that I was happy to try out. Btw it works the opposite of helium and makes your voice super low. I was so tired that I was laughing saying “don’t I sound like the girl from the exorcist??”.

I laid on the hospital bed with the tube in my mouth for those 5 hours. At one point, through tears, I asked Cory to find some worship songs like “the Old rugged cross” to play for me. I don’t know if it was the gas or the Lord, but there was a period where my whole body felt numb, and I didn’t feel hardly any pain from the onslaught.

The nurse came at 2:45am and checked me. I was ready to hear that it would be time to push soon, but when she said I was only 5cm, I got on all fours on the bed and cried. I kept saying “I need sleep…I just need to sleep and then I can keep going. I can’t keep going on like this without any sleep.”

I looked at Cory and the doula; I had wanted so badly to do this with no drugs, no interventions, but here I was about to ask for the epidural. I knew my limit. Actually, to clarify, I NOW knew my limit. I said “Please don’t judge me guys, but I’m going to ask for the epidural.”

Sannya, my doula, was so sweet. She told me it was ok, and that after 36 hours labouring on nearly no sleep I wasn’t just giving up easy. I felt peace, and asked the nurse to get the anesthesiologist. They had to give me an IV first, and delirious with pain I tried to tell them “you’re gonna need to hold traction on that vein if you don’t want it to roll on you” and then “I’ve never had someone get a radial before”. The nurses finally told me to relax…that I’m not at work haha.

It was the longest 15 minutes waiting for him, but I was so relieved when the anesthesiologist arrived.

“Just don’t let me see the needle, Doc.”

I hunched over and laid my head on the nurse’ shoulder, almost like a hug. The needle felt weird being inserted as he spouted off all the risks of the procedure.

Yeah, yeah…I know…i get it, doc.

He said it would take 15 minutes for the anesthetic to kick in, and then the doctor would breaking my waters that were bulging. That’s 5 contractions…I can make it. And that’s all I can remember…it must have kicked in faster, because the next thing I remember is a very hazy memory of the nurse putting a catheter in me. Cory said that after they pushed the anesthetic, my whole body relaxed and I was out like a light.

They woke me up at 7:30 AM Monday and I felt super weird from sleeping. My back was so stiff from not moving even an inch for hours. A student came to check me and she told me it was time to push, even though deep down…I thought that sounded wrong. 

I pushed for 45 minutes before my doctor came in pissed. She checked me and I was only 8.5cm….no one had checked what the student checked. She had heads roll and then ordered another round of anesthetic for me so I could rest again before being fully dilated. Out cold I was once again.

They woke me again at noon, but I still was deliriously exhausted. I was in high spirits but I would fall asleep or say strange things in the lulls between conversation in the room. I realized I was hungry and hadn’t hardly eaten anything in the last 24 hours. My doula went to Booster Juice to get me a smoothie, but the doctor forbade me from drinking it because she didn’t want me to throw up during delivery. 

Pff. I already threw up lady, but the second I get this baby out I am drinking that thing. 

By 2:00PM…it was officially time to push, and the anesthetic was worn off. It lasted all of 24 minutes, and during that time they discovered my baby was facing “sunny side up” and that’s why labor had stalled out so many times!

During pushing I distinctly remember 3 things:

– “Ok, this is the ring of fire!!!”

– “this hurts so bad, this must be the widest part of her body coming through”

– and the doctor snapping her fingers saying my name, telling me I’m about the have my baby and that I need to push and not stop


Her eyes were open when they plopped her on my chest, and they said “it’s a girl!” And I was so excited…because almost all of my friends have boys right now. Then they told me I had a third degree tear…and that sucks. I googled that before hand so I knew what it entailed. Stitches. 

And here is my beautiful girl whose cheeks I kiss beyond her liking and snuggle with her in bed all the time. 


Also…bouncing back has gone extremely well so far. Pic on the left is 5 days post partum, and the right is 10 days after! On the 10th day (and now) I was down 16 of the 21 pounds I gained…and the last 5 lbs is partially breast tissue and a couple pounds of fat. Very happy with the progress so far!

Starting up fitness again this week 🙂



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  2. Oh goodness…i was instagram stalking you and saw you mention you had posted your story so of course i had to read it! What a wild ride! I just remembered now that you had said you wanted to hear mine (in the haze of the week after labor) i will have to send it.

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