39 Weeks!


Technically on this post, I am 39 + 3…Monday is my 40 week appointment. At my 39 week appointment this past Monday, I haven’t gained any weight in about two weeks. Dr. C didn’t seem too concerned that I’ve topped out at 20.5 lbs gained, “it’s hot out, and you probably don’t have much of an appetite near the end here” she said.

No ma’am, I do not. In fact I’ve barely been eating enough to make my minimum calories…I’ve been lazy and carefree with the eating, mostly because of the absence of actual hunger. I eat a granola bar here, a piece of toast with PB there, and some cherries in between. So much for low-carb hey haha. Although, I have finished two boxes of 100-count freezies these past two weeks…something so delicious and refreshing about them (and only 15 calories each!).

I’ve only been to the gym about twice a week, and the odd walk thrown in. I’m terrible with walking, mostly because 1) I don’t have anyone to go for a walk with around here and 2) a walk isn’t challenging enough for me to be interested in “defeating” it.

Cory was an awesome husband and helped me make a bunch of slow-cooker freezer meals this past weekend after I did a big Costco shop. After about an hour of chopping and slicing, we made the following:

❤ Beef Chili
❤ Pork Fajitas
❤ Beef and Broccoli Stir-fry
❤ Pork Stir-fry
❤ Vegetable Medley (onions, red pepper, zucchini and asparagus)
❤ Beef Pot Roast
❤ Sweet Potato Hash
❤ Spaghetti Meat Sauce
I also already have a frozen lasagna, and a pail of frozen hamburger soup 🙂

I made sure to stock up on granola bars and trail mix for his lunches, as well as greek yogurts for myself. (of course if this baby is more than a week late, I'll have to buy that stuff again haha). Also I purchased tons of frozen fruit, almond milk, and froze some bananas so I can have a plethora of protein smoothies to my hearts desire. Lastly, a pack of lean ground beef burgers in the small freezer for when we want to throw something on the grill instead of using a slow cooker meal. I'd like to say I'm prepared for trying to eat really healthy again once baby is here, but let's face it, I know not the extreme hunger that comes upon you when you're breastfeeding!!

This was the best meal I ate all week, and it was at my moms house 🙂

Last but not least, my doctor did offer me a sweep as of 38 weeks, and I did decline it at 39 weeks as well. Please don’t ask me to explain what a sweep is, just google it! I’ve gotten off very lucky with my doctor, who doesn’t perform cervical checks it seems. I’d like to make it to at least 40 weeks on the nose before I even consider that.

I did start getting Braxton Hicks contractions, and on a more regular basis as of this week. Last night was extremely annoying…go to bed at midnight, wake up twice to pee, and both times by the time I hit the bed again, I had BH contractions for about 15 minutes afterward….then wake up at 530am feeling like death to make Cory’s breakfast. Oh joy. So my body is thinking about evacuating this little person…but it could very well not be for another week from Saturday.

‘Night folks, (kus let’s face it, you know i’m not really sleeping)


2 responses to “39 Weeks!

  1. I’m a bit surprised (but impressed-surprised) that you’ve declined stretch & sweeps (that’s what they call them here, I wonder if adding the “stretch” is different?…) – totally based on my own values, but good on you for keeping your cervix to yourself (and bubs) for now, and great that your doctor doesn’t think she has a right to know everything down there always. 🙂

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