Week 37 & 38

Ok all those fit moms on Instagram must have longer arms than me to be able to flex their shoulders while holding the phone with two hands. I tried and it failed…had to go with one hand. This was after a ‘push’ workout when those shoulders get all swollen, surprisingly after solely machine work.

The carpal tunnel is in my left hand now. Damn. I just can’t catch a break here. I purchased wrist supports for lifting, and grip straps. It takes me only like 10 times longer to set up my grip for a deadlift, but whatever, at least I can lift. I made a new friend at the gym the first day I used them – a male nurse. He watched me struggle to re-rack the crossfit bar, dropped his weight, and asked “hey, hey..do you need help with that? Do you need the lighter bar?”. I laughed. “Nah…I’m looking for the heavier one actually.” He was surprised, and then asked me a slew of questions as I set up: how far along I am, why do I need the straps, do they help, and how long have I been lifting. “Wow, you’re dedicated,” he said as he picked his weight to snatch again. I beamed inwardly…all I have met is super supportive men at the gym during my pregnancy. Mark happens to be friends with the Thailand powerlifter and the East Indian Crossfitter (Mike and Rip).

I spent a few days at the pool and the waterpark on the really hot days here in Alberta. I got my tan on and tried to stay as cool as possible. I’m reading Wild…which is interesting, and makes me not want to hike the Pacific Coast Trail ever, lol.

Total weight gain/loss: 20.4 lbs with only 2ish weeks to go πŸ™‚

Labor Signs: I started getting some contractions finally! Although, it was a couple days after I drank a 2L pitcher of red raspberry leaf iced tea haha. They were enough to wake me up, and caused my hips and the backs of my legs to ache for over an hour, but then they were over as quickly as they began. I’ve had them during the night mostly, but that particular session was early in the morning.

Stretch marks: Yes, the spray of them on the lowest part of my belly has grown, but I’m still not bothered. They’ll fade, I know.

Best moment this week: Week 37 was the baby shower my best friend held, and it was lovely. My mom and friends helped out…and this baby is so loved already. Week 38 I was able to get out and see our great friends once more.

Miss anything?: My hands…that’s all i want…to feel them again lol.

Movement: Rolling and switching sides, hiccups galore…and a distinctive little foot has been braced against the left side of my belly.

Food cravings: What cravings? What appetite? It’s like it’s all disappeared, and all I know is heartburn sucks and freezies feel nice.

Gender: Team Yellow

Belly Button In/Out?: A tight, protruding, flattened lip that sticks through all my shirts.

Wedding Rings Fit? Still on the necklace.

Workout: If I can fit in three workouts this week, and next week…great. I’ll have made 40 weeks of pregnancy lifting weights. That’s a goal. Walks…also 3-4 times a week to get that baby wanting to head out πŸ™‚

Meal Plan: This week I am making freezer meals!!! Details to come πŸ™‚

And then a very cute and sleepy husband from the morning of the baby shower. I let him sleep in because, let’s face it…there’s only another weekend or two (hopefully not three) before a little cherub will be preventing blissful Sunday morning sleep-ins. Well…just for me. He can sleep through anything.



One response to “Week 37 & 38

  1. It’s true, Cory can sleep through anything!
    So exciting! Things are happening, you’re getting closer, and this is a real little person inside you that you’ll meet soon! Amazing.
    AND, you’ve been doing so awesomely sticking to your fitness goals while you’re at it.

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