Week 36

Officially cannot wait to get this baby out…yes I have entered into that 9th month, so help me Lord! I already dread going to bed on a daily basis right now. I just wanna sleep on my stomach so bad. I really need to keep myself busy during the day to tire myself out enough for bedtime.

I’ve been working on the nursery a bit this week, and we finally put together the free crib we were gifted. It’s not espresso and matchy-matchy as I would have liked, but I save $300 at least for using it. I still need to finish painting some canvas’ for the walls, and order some bins to organize the cubes of baby things. Why do babies need so many things? And the shower is this coming weekend so I can’t imagine bringing even more stuff into this room.

Annnnnd the downturn of the entire pregnancy happened this week. I’ve developed carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist/hand now. The compression of the medial nerve in the wrist has resulted in numbness and weakness in the thumb, pointer, index finger, and half of the ring finger. I can scarcely write or chop an onion, and when I do I just get royally pissed at my hand (things are said in my alone time like “piece of sh!t hand, why can’t you work right!!!”). This also resulted in a halt in my workouts. Initally, I was super depressed about it, because I wouldn’t be able to grip weights. I talked to my delivery doctor about it, and she just shrugged and said 99% of CTS cases resolve themselves right after giving birth. She didn’t suggest anything either…not even acupuncture. I’ve realized I have a love-hate relationship with her…she never wastes my time, but she doesn’t waste her breath either.

So now I’m wearing a brace, and realizing I’m going to have to go for more walks to keep the weight gain from being ridiculous. I walked 90 minutes in flip flops the next day, and Cory thought I was crazy. Naturally, sleeping that night sucked because now I didn’t just have a buzzing hand, I had aching legs from all that walking.

Oh and here’s the update for the week πŸ™‚

Total weight gain/loss: 18.2 whole pounds as of my appointment (1.2 lb gain in two weeks)…still going strong on the minimum weight gain!

Maternity clothes: With the unbearable heat, I really just like to be in a tank top and sports shorts…sort of how i’m rolling right now lol.

Stretch marks: The ones that started out as just a couple on the lowest part of my belly, have now been joined by 10-15 tiny ones. Strangely, it really doesn’t bother me at all. Nothing I can do about it, and it’s not like anyone else sees that part of me besides Cory anyways.

Best moment this week: I went camping! (yup at 36 weeks preggo, slept in a tent and it was two of the best sleeps of this trimester) and had an amazing time just being able to float on the river, and sit in it…things I can actually do instead of having to opt out.

Miss anything?: Lots of things by this point….squeezing through small spaces, not sweating like a maniac all the time, sleeping without 6 pillows, sleeping without peeing, and above all…I actually miss work.

Movement: I’ve noticed more frequent movement, but not as crazy and spontaneous. A hand (I think) was poking out of my side by my hip two days ago, and it was the strangest feeling trying to push it back in.

Food cravings: I went from fruit, to straight up eating Vietnamese beef vermicelli bowls three times this week! Not sure why, but I think the thought of burgers, chinese, and whatnot all grosses me out. Vermicelli bowls are filling, but not all chemical-y.

Gender: Team Yellow

Belly Button In/Out?: Flattened…I don’t know if it’ll ever be an outie.

Wedding Rings Fit? Nope, officially off and wearing them on a necklace. The funny thing is, I visibly don’t have any swelling, but it’s just enough that it’s really hard to take them off.

Workout: I’ve been doing some research on how to modify my weightlifting routine, and most of the stuff says to switch to machines, which I sort of detest…but at the same time it’s better than nothing. And I go about my leg routine without changing much. I can also continue deadlifting as long as I purchase some wrist straps for $5.

Meal Plan: If I can’t get as hard a workout in, then I need to really watch the eating for these last few weeks. Also I am working on making freezer meals πŸ™‚

Lastly…I had an amazing visit with my friend Sarah who treated me to lunch at the beach an hour away, with a virgin caesar and a steak sandwich. The steak was marinated in papaya juices to make it more tender and it was delish! All I wanted was to drink a pitcher of margarita and go play in the lake, but I obviously settled for more responsible choices πŸ˜‰

See ya next week ❀


5 responses to “Week 36

    • It truly doesn’t do anything for me either except prevent me from doing things that make it worse like unscrewing lids :/ are you wearing it at night to prevent your wrist from curling?

      • yes! i did all of that but realized nothing helped me except icing my hand. even then – no relief from the pressure and numbness. actually I think wearing the brace made me wake up in the middle of the night with even more pressure in my hand (as if circulation was being cut off???) i spoke to a friend whos an orthopedic surgeon and he said that, unfortunately the only relief will be when baby arrives. no risk of permanent damage (because i read some scary stuff) but can definitely be frustrating. he recommends continuing to ice and sleeping only on the left side with no pressure to the arm/hand. Im seeing a chiropractor, hopefully that will help!!

  1. Oh and also, might be good to get a pillow/cushion thing for breastfeeding – my carpal tunnel got really aggravated at every feed. Yours might not of course.

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