Week 35

And here we are…just 5 weeks (give or take one) from meeting our first child, and that’s pretty scary at this point. I’m close enough to be daunted by birth, but not so close that I’m uncomfortable and complaining for someone to get this baby out of me. Nope, not quite there yet. From this point on, I’ll be taking weekly pictures, kus I don’t want to miss a week in case baby shows up early or something.

Today was my third day in a row to the gym (and a leg day at that) so I’m pretty amazed I can even still accomplish such a feat. Sumo deadlifts had my hips and lower back waking me up in the night, but that happened last time too. However I still have muscle definition in my arms and chest, and even a touch in my quads…it amazes me everyday! God has blessed me in this pregnancy so much. Limited swelling in my hands and feet, and even then, I can still get my rings on with some lotion beforehand. I prayed so much beforehand for help with being diligently healthy and active. I am well aware this does not guarantee me an easy labor, a healthy birth, or even a perfectly healthy baby…but I did my best, and cannot blame myself otherwise. It’s out of my hands anyways!

My 36-week appointment is next week, which is when my weekly appointments will start. I’m really…REALLY…hoping for no unnecessary cervical checks. If the baby headbutting my cervix right now is painful as is, I can only imagine the uncomfortable prodding of an icy doctor’s fingers. *shudder* I mean, I AM a health care professional myself, so it’s easy for me to disconnect about the whole thing, but it doesn’t mean I like it!

On a sidenote, our new-to-us car (a 2004 Toyota Matrix) makes me so grateful for our ability to save and pay off stuff in a relatively short amount of time. The air conditioning is nothing short of heavenly…I needed it so bad after the fan motor died in our sunfire, and now I won’t be dreading putting a carseat into a two-door sports car.

Last but not least, we are going to go camping (yes, camping, at 35-36 weeks pregnant) this coming weekend with many good friends of ours. I just don’t want to miss out, no matter how much my hips hurt at night sleeping in the tent. It’s going to be 28 degrees celsius, and we are going to go rafting on the river about 4 hours out of town. Cold water, hot sun, being outside…call me crazy, but it’s calling my name, and I doubt i’ll be able to manage camping for the rest of the summer.

Until next week! ❀


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