Weeks 33 & 34

Ok I think I’m finally caught up here…I am 34 weeks as of today! My sleeping schedule is all over the place, I pee constantly, and I am slowly adding more exercises to the list of “can’t do” because of waning mobility. It first started with deadlifts, then sometime later stiff-legged deadlifts joined. Two weeks ago pull-ups were also added because my belly was in the way of my support band. Today another one bit the dust: bench dips…till we meet again. I’ll just have to settle for the dip-assist machine.

With not being able to afford maternity pictures, (were trying to save for a house and potentially buy a desperately needed car) I thought I’d try to take a few with my Canon T4i Rebel my father gifted me. I must have spent 30 minutes trying to adjust positions and get the remote to work between shots. I was sweaty, grumpy, and a little disappointed by the end. All that work and the picture above is the one solid, flattering, somewhat natural picture I got out of it. Good enough for one day I guess!

Another update perhaps on how things are standing as of my 34 week appointment today:

Total weight gain/loss: 17 whole pounds…I jumped 3 pounds in 3 weeks!

Maternity clothes: It’s maternity or nothing at all. Except both my pairs of NIKE shorts…aaaand my flip flops.

Stretch marks: Unfortunately…my time has come. Yes, I have 2-3 tiny stretch marks on the underside of my belly, I suspect from the growth spurt these last couple weeks. I just gotta maintain a slow and steady weight gain over the next 6 weeks to try and help the damage a bit.

Best moment this week: Week 33: Attended the bachelorette party for the wedding I’m in 3.5 weeks after my due date. Wearing black in the bar works when you’re pregnant, because three guys tried to buy me a drink haha. Week 34: We bought a car!!!! Not one that we have to make payments on either thank goodness. Picture and car will be in the next post.

Miss anything?: I miss getting things done without a hurting back! Put load of laundry in, lie down for 5, load dishwasher and start, lay down for 8, eat lunch, lay down again…etc.

Movement: Very regular, and now I get headbutt in the cervix everyday (‘lightning crotch’), yeowch. At the appointment, doc pointed out where the head was (with digging fingers mind you) to show me that baby is now head down…locked and loaded.

Food cravings: Can I just have all the fruit in the world? All the nectarines, peaches, and cherries that I want!!??

Gender: Team Yellow

Belly Button In/Out?: It’s flat…and just weird. And I’m sensitive about it.

Wedding Rings Fit? Well this past week I had some trouble actually. There was a few days I had to lotion up to get them on and get them off…and then today and yesterday was completely fine?

Workout: Good ole P-P-L is in effect. I’m so proud that I’ve made it to 34 weeks and been able to still maintain the 20 minute hard cardio routine. I haven’t had to submit to walks yet at all, but I feel they could be coming. Thinking about starting morning walks this week, but sometimes my back is killing me by the end.

Meal Plan: Eat what I want, but not how much I want…does that make sense? Tis basically what the meal plan was this past week.

Would you look at that, it just popped right out.

Last but not least, had a very nice day at the outdoor pool with my mom and youngest brother. I’m starting to feel like I can’t do much…and just trying to swim in the deep end winded me a bit. But sitting in nice cool water was divine.

Till next week πŸ™‚


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