Week 31 & 32

Whoa, yes, I did miss an entire week of blogging! I’ll blame it on pregnancy brain, coupled with extreme tiredness. Well I guess let’s start with another update:

Total weight gain/loss: 14 pounds gained total at the 31.5 week appointment.

Maternity clothes: Wearing my maternity clothes in full swing now. I still don my pre-pregnancy jeans with a belly band when it’s not too hot out :). Finally purchased a pair of maternity pants (not leggings) from H&M for cheap last week. Alas, I could not find shorts…they are all cut so weird for my booty.

Stretch marks: None yet! I have a feeling I’m going to get them on my sides more than the front of my belly. And it’ll be the very end when I get them. I’ve had zero itchiness!

Best moment this week: Week 31: When I leaked on the bed and mistakenly blamed it on Cory *facepalm* Week 32: We got a free crib from a lady who was kind of stalking me in our building :D!! Saving us a couple hundred dollars.

Miss anything?: Being my normal self that is not tired, tearful, uncomfortable, and doesn’t need a Mcdonalds vanilla ice cream cone every other night of the week. (Calm down, they are only 150 calories πŸ˜‰ )

Movement: Well there were a few days in week 31 where I was a little worried kus there wasn’t much movement, and if there was, it was pretty sluggish. Nothing to worry about now, because baby is full-on moving again this week, and it’s just starting to slowly get painful. AND it’s found my bladder.

Food cravings: Still on my ‘cold’ things kick. I’d rather get a booster juice for dinner or eat fruit and sandwiches for supper.

Gender: Team Yellow

Belly Button In/Out?: It’s flattened over, but when I do leg press, apparently it becomes an outie.

Wedding Rings Fit? I feel like every week I still get to wear them is a bit of a miracle! Still on for now.

Workout: Week 32 is the last week I’m doing the 8×8 shock workout. I like it, but I miss being able to get my cardio in afterward 😦 and there’s just no time or energy with this one. Week 33 I will jump back to my Push-Pull-Legs routine with cardio routine now that I’ve had a four-week break.

Meal Plan: I was slightly better these last two weeks, but not perfect yet. I plan on carefully lowering my carbohydrate and sodium consumption starting in Week 35 to help with water retention for the hot month of July. I have never watched my sodium before in my life, but I think it’s a good time to start. Lowering carbs will be sooooo challenging because of my new found love for toast with PB & honey haha.

  I bought a Snoogle pillow this week finally!!! A lady in the rich area south of us sold one used for one pregnancy with a brand new pillowcase for $25, and I used it for the first time last night. The only downside about the pillow is my hips/back wake me up in the middle of the night to turn over, and then I have to flip that whole damn pillow over, no easy task with a spouse and limited mobility.

I also have a Bachelorette party coming tomorrow and Saturday, and I’m so excited the MOH is paying for pedicures for us. I’ve never had one before, and the fact that it’s just starting to get difficult to reach down there, I think this is the one time I’d be ok with someone touching my feet. I think I’ll add-on the shellac myself as well since my ability to reach down there is only going to get worse anyways.

Other than the messed-up sleep schedule, Baby #1 is doing well up to this point πŸ™‚

C-YA next week!



2 responses to “Week 31 & 32

  1. Imagine if you lived here – those little soft serve cones are only $0.50 from McDonalds and Hungry Jacks (aka Burger King) here!! Hard not to justify for calories or pocket money!!

    • Omg 50 cents!!!!! Lol I think they are $1.19 here. I visit McDonald’s for them way too much these days…Id say 2-3 times a week lol. But ONLY on days I work out.

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