Week 30

And I shall dub this The Week of Heartburn kus…man, I have never experienced it this viciously before. It seems to me that tomato sauce and bread are the usual culprits when I do get it, but then there’s random times I can’t explain why I have it. I can handle the burn except for two situations: gymtime and bedtime. And kill me now when it wakes me in the night. Except for last night…I had it for two days straight, and even close to bedtime, but when I got into bed and laid down…magically gone. Well played HB….well-played.

In other news, I sort of miss having a job. This is the first time in my life where I do nothing except go get a manicure + shellac, shop for home decor to finally decorate our place, and go for tea at mom’s house like…every day. I know I should enjoy this now…but it’s hard when you’re usually on the go, at work, dealing with work, or thinking about what you have to do at work…

Winners has some pretty nice finds once in awhile for decor…I say that like I have an expertise in decorating, but really, I don’t.

I’m full-on napping just about everyday, especially around 2pm in the afternoon. It’s the most glorious nap right now since sleeping at night is just unpredictable. And if I don’t get that nap…pregnancy tears will come. Poor Cory has been learning my telltale signs of frustration or whining means I probably didn’t get it. For example yesterday…

(We parked downtown to go for supper, I only got 4 hours of sleep the night before, drove him to work, then drove 1.5 hours to see a friend, visited all day, and then drove 1.5 hours back, to pick up a friend, who was late, and then drive in rush hour traffic downtown..)

Cory: “Sierra, you have to parallel park closer.”
Me: “It’s sticking out like…4 inches!…no one is going to care.”
Cory: “Yes, you can get a ticket for it though.”
Me: “Well, guess what? I. Don’t. Caaaaaaaaaaare.”
Cory: (a moment of silence)
Cory: “Oooooooohh…..you didn’t get your nap today.”

Yup…so he bought me those flowers kus he felt like I needed it lately lol. So patient with me.

Workouts are still going strong…I’ve been to the gym 4 times this week and it’s not over yet. I did attempt box jumps today, 8 sets of 8 reps and thought I might vomit, but actually walked away from those not feeling too bad. The 8×8 shock full-body workout I’m doing is on to it’s second week already, and the only thing I hate about it is I lose track of what set I am on unless I write it somewhere. Also it does not incorporate deadlifts, which I miss dearly. But my program needed a temporary change, so this will be done for the next 2.5 weeks and then I will go back to heavy at 8 months pregnant. Another doctor’s appointment next week!! Will update more at that time.



4 responses to “Week 30

  1. Is getting a shellac okay chemical-wise? I’ve thought it would be such a lovely treat while pregnant, especially at the end there, but wasn’t sure so it was a miscarriage treat instead. I haven’t looked it up, but you probably have!

    • Nope I didn’t look it up…it’s just shellac. I’m not worried about it personally, but everyone has their own worries about what’s harmful. I’m sure there is someone watching me do box jumps at the gym saying “that’s harmful”, or someone watching me eat cold sandwich meat everything other day thinking that’s so reckless. Miscarriages are chromosome related most of the time.

      • Yep. That’s true.
        More thinking about health of the baby than about miscarriage. But you’re totally right about everyone negotiating risk differently!

      • I’ve learned shocking things like even my own grandmother smoked through her first pregnancy or two, and my mom and her brother were healthy babies…albeit my mom was a few weeks premature. Shellac isn’t anywhere close to being as detrimental as smoking, so I choose to not worry that it’s going to affect baby’s health.

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