Week 28


That inevitable tiredness…it started really happening this past week. I felt it in my workouts like never before, ESPECIALLY on leg days. Slowly I am feeling like an old battery, less and less recharged as the mornings go on. I think Week 28 has been a bit of a wall for energy. I am huffing and puffing and feeling like death on the hamstring curl machine…who even does that??? Also meal times, it gets a little discouraging for me to cook for myself during the day because I just feel too tired to clean the mess up sometimes. Honestly, it’s actually better for me at lunch to go to Subway and buy an oven-roasted chicken sub than just sit at home and eat a granola bar. I have started putting together meal ideas for some crockpot meals to freeze for Cory’s lunches as well as meals for myself when the baby comes.

I’ve started having to get up in the night, but not every night, to pee. This leaves my energy pretty low in the morning from workouts, but I still made it 4x to the gym this week and that’s good enough for me. The baby has been incredibly active…or maybe it’s just bigger so I feel every single movement now?

Today is leg day at the gym, as well as my blood glucose test, so I’m hoping I pass. No granola bars for me this morning, that’s for sure.

Yesterday I had a chiropractor appointment and met with my doula for the first time! Right from the handshake I liked her! Beautiful lady, maybe early-mid 30’s named Sannya, and a very warm personality. It was just a quick, 1 hour meeting for us to discuss where I’m at in my pregnancy, expectations of birth, and post-birth. In case I haven’t mentioned it before on here, I originally wanted a home-birth with a midwife, but the province being what it is, there just isn’t enough funding for midwives to take on more women, that coupled with the fact I’m due in the busiest couple weeks of the year, I couldn’t make the dream happen (yet!). Currently I have an awesome delivery doctor who supports natural birth, but I’ll be phoning the midwives in the early 30’s weeks to see if any women got preeclampsia or GD and had to become high-risk. A girl can hope can’t she?

Sannya, whether I have the baby at home or the hospital, will be my birth coach and will advocate for me at the hospital in case I’m a little out of it, and another doctor is stressing interventions. She’s got my back :)….did I also mention she’ll get my placenta? Yup, she does that thing called ‘placenta encapsulation’.

“Are you interested in that service?” she asked.
“Oh yeah…absolutely. I’m going to be the sick freak of all my friends.” She probably wondered if I actually knew the benefits…lol.

See you in Week 29!


One response to “Week 28

  1. She sounds lovely! I’m excited for you – and you’re definitely on the money about keeping on calling those midwives, good for you. And I can’t wait for the blog about eating your placenta. πŸ˜‰

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