Week 27 – The Third Trimester Begins


So long blissful second trimester…you were so full of energy, it was as if I wasn’t even pregnant. It was really REALLY nice to be able to eat whatever I wanted again after the dreadful first trimester. Just this past week did I start having a bit of sleeping problems….and by a bit, I mean I was waking up at 3am every night, wide awake to the sound of Cory’s breathing for 2-3 hours before I would fall asleep again, only to have crazy nightmares I would wake up crying from. So let’s just say I only made it to the gym 3 times last week, and even that was pretty good for the lack of energy I had.

My groin and belly pain magically went away also in that time, and I could jump for joy because the baby must have changed position. Often these days I find that I’m begging Cory “Can we please go somewhere and do something!” only to be followed an hour later by “can we please go home so I can take these tight pants off now?”. Honestly, I’m putting a maxi dress and flats in my car from now on just so I can manage to stay out of the house longer.

My best friend and I went to the gym for a solid “pull” day on Friday (consisting of chin-ups/pull-ups with support band, deadlifts, bent over rows, hammer curls, and wide-lat pull downs) and I totally got fist-pumped by a 60 year old man doing weights. “That is awesome you are lifting weights right now…you are doing alot of good for your baby.” I was genuinely encouraged by that! There’s still alot of weird looks I get at the gym I go to, because A) hardly any women are ever in the weight lifting room between 7-11am and B) I’m almost 7 months pregnant. But I’ve made 3 guy friends there over the past month who are so supportive. Or I could totally be mistaken, and these are those “preggo-creeping men” I’ve read about (seriously, it’s a thing…I googled it).

Up until this point, I have only purchased 2 maternity tank tops, 2 maternity mid-sleeve shirts, and 1 pair of maternity leggings from Walmart. My mom purchased me 1 maternity short-sleeve shirt as well. But have not even bought maternity underwear even!!! But I’ve been trying to make do with my wardrobe…I have bought a few maxi dresses and skirts for cheap $$, and some billowy tunic shirts. So far so good for money spent πŸ™‚

My goal this week is to hit the gym every other day for 4x this week preferably, and when it’s nice out, to go do some awful stair climbing outside.



3 responses to “Week 27 – The Third Trimester Begins

  1. Pssshhhht, no one needs that maternity underwear. Until you have the baby, then you wanna make sure you got something amazing on your bits (Hannah was a lifesaver for bringing me high-cut undies that went over my incision – I hadn’t even thought of that!!!).

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