Week 26


Omg I am just full on loving carbs lately, and it’s a bit ridiculous. I still love meat, don’t get me wrong, but I think carbs are just giving me the energy I need to get around and actually workout, among other things, these days. So I’ve had to be a bit creative with compromising what I want and what I know I need.

This week was just a bit rougher than others…I had a couple down days where my energy was just nowhere to be found. There was a day I tried to go do legs at the gym, but I got out of breath easily and got faint at times. It took all of 1 minute 26 seconds on the treadmill before I was like “just no.”. The workout felt like a write-off. Then I slept like a freaking rock that night, woke up pretty groggy, but managed to have an amazing push workout and even 20 minutes of jogging on the track the very next morning. Bodies on babies are just weird sometimes.


Saturday morning I hit up the local farmer’s market solo (because let’s face it, there’s no one in my vicinity who thinks getting up at 730am on a Saturday is fun). I picked up some awesome carbs, but healthy nonetheless. I picked up this pancake mix that is made locally. I have purchased their spelt flour in the past, and it is excellent for healthy baking. Going to give this a try this week πŸ™‚


Granola has been just a recent obsession of mine. I purchased a couple bags of Nature Valley Protein Granola from Walmart that had 11 g of protein per half cup…but my excitement was short lived when I realized only AFTER I ate a bag and a half that the reason why it has so much protein is because it contained soy protein isolate. Although I’m not completely against soy, so much soy from the States is GMO which I try to stay away from. So I found this granola at the market made from ingredients solely purchased from Planet Organic, which I freaking love. It has only 7g of protein per half cup, but it tastes amazing and is roasted with raw honey instead of high-fructose corn syrup.

With just one week left in second trimester, I’m starting to feel the pressure of the baby in my lower belly and groin. Running on the track was painful, but not as painful as after I was done…I walked and got out of the car like an old person. Today the pain is way better today than the last couple days, so I hope it’s just my lower abdominals stretching out to accommodate. Here’s to a good week…loaded with glorious carbs.



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