Protein Powder and Pregnancy

2015/01/img_1404.jpg So it was almost 12 weeks into pregnancy when I discovered there’s a line on whey isolate protein powder that says “contraindictions: pregnant or breastfeeding.” Well I obviously really suck at being a pregnant lady, ‘cus I been drinking this stuff for the last 78 weeks. At least I knew to abandon the cellucor pre-workout powder…that was just obvious! But whey? Really? So we all know that weeks 6-9 I basically could eat zero meat, eggs, and even struggled with cheese. I was trying to eat as many whole foods as possible, but I just wasn’t breaking 50g of protein a day. So I resorted to my old faithful friend, whey isolate protein powder. I only had a little left during that time, but I used it all, and felt noticeably better after breaking 100g per day. But…then I ran out. So at week 11.5 I took a trip down to GNC. The lady barely spoke english, but I managed to communicate to her that I was pregnant, and wanted the cleanest protein powder they had, with zero additives. She directed me to the brand I have posted as the picture. It only has three ingredients: Whey protein isolate, banaba leaf, and lecithin. I bought an unflavoured/unsweetened and a banana berry flavor, and left the store satisfied. Well! My husband called me about 25 minutes later and told me that GNC called him, and in the lady’s broken english he made out “powder, no good for baby”. So I went back. The lady was actually so concerned about it, she had called her supervisor who told her that no protein powder was recommended for pregnant women. First of all, I was really happy and impressed they cared enough to call me and get me to come back. The banana berry flavor had sucralose in it, that I didn’t notice at the time. I picked up another unflavored/unsweetened in it’s place. They seemed really worried I was taking this, but we had a long discussion about it and the GNC rep admitted the warning was in place because no tests had been done on pregnant women consuming whey protein powder. I told him I understood…as an EMT, I get it that they are covering their ass. I went home and did a TON of research online regarding this topic, and most of the time the women who do consume this stuff have no problems, but they don’t announce they are taking it either. Some doctors in the States also recommend some women take it if they are not able to eat eggs/meat and whatnot. One of the main concerns of whey protein isolate is the possible presence of heavy metals…but upon further research I actually discovered many studies found there were more heavy metals in vegetable protein than animal protein. It’s all very interesting reading actually. I made the decision to keep taking it for the time being, until I am 100% back to normal, and I’m happy I have a pretty clean powder with zero artificial sweeteners in it. If I was sitting at Mcdonald’s stuffing my face no one would say a word, but talk about whey protein powder and all of a sudden “you’re endangering your baby”. *facepalm* double standards all around. The one person who put me at ease instantly on this whole issue was my boss, who has been a paramedic for 25 years. I explained my issue to him on whether it was safe or not, and you know what his response was? “Sierra, do you know what is in baby formula?” “No, Brian…enlighten me.” “Whey. Whey protein and casein.” “Oooooooohhhh……” So although I do not recommend this for anyone who is pregnant simply because I can’t, I am making the decision to keep taking it. There are many other alternatives like hemp protein by Nutiva that is available on Amazon for others needing protein replacement. Any comments on this are totally welcome btw…I’d love to hear your thoughts! Thanks πŸ™‚ S.


2 responses to “Protein Powder and Pregnancy

  1. I was gonna ask you about this today actually, cause I remember my protein powder said not to use it while pregnant. Then I assumed you must have just found one that was fine, cause hey, you’re the Queen of Internet Research. πŸ˜‰

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