I Feel Like I’m Getting Fat Again


Yes, it has been awhile again since I have written, but this time it’s for an extremely good reason. See, I haven’t been losing weight…and in fact, I think I’ve gained some.

After three months of no posts, I’m beginning to get a bit of a belly. It’s not from the usual suspects of food or fat though. It’s a belly full of love πŸ™‚

I’ve been having to keep quiet on here and on Instagram for the past 12 weeks till I made it past the “danger stage” of pregnancy. Still trying to come up with a clever way to announce other than “guess who’s getting fat over the next six months?”.

There’s nothing really to fill you in on except that first trimester is pretty horrible…it makes you hate meat or eggs, and forces you to eat nothing but mandarin oranges for the first 7 hours of the day. You go down to one fearful cup of a coffee a day, and can’t even fathom picking up a weight much less run at all. You feel awful, sleep all the time, and have dreams like a bad acid trip.

I think that much detail will do.

Anyways, I HAVE my energy back, and I can eat eggs and meat. I’m back to the gym minimum 4 times a week for lifting plus cardio. So this I guess this blog is going to be a “fit pregnancy” account from now on!

Stay tuned for more (now that the cat is out of the bag),


5 responses to “I Feel Like I’m Getting Fat Again

  1. Congratulations on your recent weight gain!! Bigger congrats for being “out of the woods” and getting back on a healthier routine. I’ve never been pregnant but every friend/relative I’ve watched proves that physically active pregnancies are way easier on the body during pregnancy and birth! Congrats again!! Baby bump! Exciting!

    • Thank you ! Oh gosh just being through the first trimester, I see why alot of women drop their routine…but I’m stubborn and don’t want to quit. Thanks so much for encouraging me…people get so worried about pregnant women working out and eating healthy…but if I was sitting at Mcdonalds no one would say a word :/…!

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