Another Life Chapter


Another long period between posts! I know I got to stop doing that. This time has been for somewhat good reason.

I’ve been working as an EMT on nightshifts for the past 9 months, which has been great for two things: money and weight loss. Unfortunately it had begun to take a toll on my body and my marriage. I slept alright for the first 6 months, but the last 3 have been brutal. A lack of sleep coupled with trying to turn my body back to days every two weeks caused me to become miserable and in Cory’s words “a different person”.

So we prayed fervently for God to give me a job that would allow me to be home every night, work during the daytime and close to home. Thank the Lord, because He provided both. I got hired internally within my company to be the Travel Co-ordinator (oooo so fancy) and book all the accomodations for our field staff. The office is 7 minutes from home! The only downside is that I lose a third of my wage 😦 but…holy moses I do not regret that now that I’m sleeping through the night again!

So I’ve gone from the rough country, driving on incredibly dangerous highways and backroads, to donning stylish office clothes and worrying what my hair looks like. It’s quite the switch. I’ve had to re-work my healthy eating schedule (that I’m not completely back on board yet) as well as my gym schedule. This is still in the works currently.

A few days after my last nightshift, my husband and I decided to go hike the West Coast Trail together as an adventure. On a side note, how funny is it that I did this hike in 2012 the week before I started my last job, and now did it the week after I finished it? Funny how things work out. The main picture for this post is the 3rd day into the 75 km hike, and I was taking a rest from beach walking.

Anyways, long story short, the hike was amazing. The end.

JUST KIDDING! Like I would keep the hilarious stories from you all. I’ll be sure to post on Sunday πŸ™‚




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