The Man I’m Trying to Afford

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I’ve just passed the one-year mark of losing weight and getting fit…and I never ever thought I would make it this far. A year sounds like a long time, but when I look back now, it truly flew by, and especially since I picked up the weights in January.

I went through the cardio phase with Insanity, and learned after two rounds of it that cardio only goes so far. I had to truly transform my eating and learn to enjoy purposeful exercise. Once I hit a big plateau in June, I shifted my goals from “weight loss” to building strength. I’ve gone from a 200 pound slow and uncoordinated individual, to a current 183 poundsΒ capable of sprints, stairs, andΒ 3 pull-ups! (something I never thought would ever be possible!). I’ve learned that sometimes when the body plateaus, it is changing body composition, hence why progress pictures are so very important. I’ve seen my arms transform as they have above, but the scale went up rather than down in order for that to happen.

Through all my reading, practicing, and determination, I have gotten this far on my own. I finally am in a position to ask for help from someone. It has been wonderful to doΒ this by myself, but there is still one thing that stands in the way of goals currently: the two weeks of the month I am at home.

Currently I work a two week on/two week off schedule for my job, and I am absolutely fantastic at cutting weight and eating good while I am up north. The time I go home though is much more challenging eating-wise since I’m married to a bottomless pit, who gained 5 pounds in Mexico, just to lose it effortlessly by eating pizza and ice cream for a week. Life just isn’t fair.

So the time came that I finally signed up at a great gym I wasn’t attending before in my city. I received two consultation sessions with a personal trainer…Aaron.

One session was a body composition test, the other was an actual training session…and I loved every minute of it. Aaron was patient and positive, yet didn’t go easy on me for even a second. He appreciated that I desired a workout plan for building strength and muscle rather than aesthetics or weight loss. Our 40 minute session, although painful, was wonderfully refreshing for me since I haven’t had someone push me for a looong time. UNFORTUNATELY for me…Aaron is a top trainer at $85 per session, waaaah. Less qualified trainers like the one my friend purchased (and hated mind you) were $65 a session.

So here I am…I have sold my beautiful electric guitar and am selling a dark purple bridesmaid dress I wore once in order to try and scrape together the down payment for half of the 12 sessions I want to start with. I have even looked up temporary babysitting jobs just to get the rest of it. I think after 12 sessions of someone tailoring my diet for me, and holding me accountable while I’m in town, should do the trick to get my fat percentage down again.

When I got home, Cory greeted me with “SO…how’s Aaaaaaaaaron? How old is this guy anyways?” to which I replied “Haha, you don’t have to feel threatened. He’s old! Like 37ish!”.

Cory: “But…that’s your favorite age.” Ahhhhh you know me so well.



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