Food Ventures of the Summer

photo (1)
There is still time for you to enjoy summer fruits and new local vegetables if you haven’t done so yet!

The month of August has been really busy for me, cooking wise especially. I was able to hit up a few farmers markets on the weekends I was home and make some new delicious creations I hadn’t attempted yet. Summer is closing, and now the fall harvest is about to begin πŸ™‚

I took full reign of the bbq while the weather was nice (and it kept the condo cool with all the summer heat we had) and I have now finally perfected a method of cooking a medium-rare steak haha.

Some meals I tried/made this month (some pictures above):

Grilled peaches drizzled with reduced fig balsamic vinegar, with ice cream.

Slow-cooker ribs, broiled in the oven, with pan-fried asparagus and zucchini.

Turkey chili…fast and healthy right on the stovetop.

Crockpot tomato shredded chicken with frozen veggies, and broiled baby yellow squash with EVOO and sea salt from the market.

Saskatoon berry pie…not a healthy version though.

Tirokafteri!…I didn’t make it, but I purchased some from the farmer’s market. A roasted red pepper spicy feta dip…I add a tablespoon to my egg whites and the stuff is absolutely friggin delicious…get your hands on some seriously.

“Chickie Dough”…a mock cookie dough recipe made with blended chickpeas, skim milk, brown sugar, and whatever else they decide. I tried the peanut one, and the white chocolate macadamia and both were divine!

I have yet to make some avocado cocoa cookies that a reader on here made…but it’s on my list for next time I am home!


Ps. Also! New protein powder was purchased! Talking about it in the next post.


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