Foods That Jinx Weight Loss

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You’re on the right track. You’ve been eating well, losing weight, and exercising regularly. You’ve lost some weight but now the scale is stuck, or worse…going up! You feel like you’ve done everything you can to lose weight but to no avail. Could your ‘healthy food’ be the problem? Absolutely.

Five healthy foods you might be overeating could be…

1. Peanut Butter (or other nut butters).

Although delicious and low-carb, peanut butter is not only calorie dense but packed with fat. At 7g of fat per tablespoon, it really doesn’t sound that bad, BUT…that’s only if you are measuring a tablespoon. Say you don’t measure…typically most people have more than the suggested serving. Two slices of toast with an ‘over-sized” tablespoon of PB on each slice can EASILY rack you up to 20 grams of fat! So if you find you are struggling with weight, measure a tablespoon and try to only have one per day.

2. Cereal

As a snack or pre-workout meal for a heavy session, cereal is perfectly fine. The biggest problem with cereal is that it is generally loaded with sugar, unless you eat a high-fibre cereal. A serving is measured as 3/4 cup containing likely around 24g of carbs, and that’s not including the milk. You’re probably eating more than a cup of cereal in the first place, and if you’re eating this for breakfast, you’re most likely hungry not very long after. Cereal does not contain enough protein to keep you full, and you’re consuming at least a third of the carb amount you want to limit for weight loss. Skip the cereal, eat an omelette instead.

3. Starbucks Drinks

Latte’s and Caramel Macchiato beverages are warm and delightful yes, but they will wreak havoc on your weight loss goals. Even if you choose to order a non-fat version, you are still consuming about 19 g of carbs in one drinks. Do yourself a favor and limit yourself to one a week or find a place that makes latte’s with almond milk plus ask for only half-sweet. If you want the best results, go black with an Americano.

4. Low-fat Yogurt

Generally low-fat anything these days is less filling, and doesn’t taste as good as the full-fat version. Companies have to add sugar, sugar alcohols and other chemicals in order to make the product taste better. Steer clear of low-fat yogurt (or low-fat anything!) and head for the Greek Yogurt section. Not only does greek yogurt taste better, it contains more probiotics and protein than the runny stuff.

5. Granola

Hmmm it seems like a lot on this list is related to breakfast foods. Granola goes right in the same category as cereal, except granola is incredibly calorie-dense, some grocery store granolas pack 400 calories per cup! Also full of sugar and preservatives, you are better off choosing oatmeal over granola to start the day right.

I know for myself, my weight loss stalled at one point because I discovered White Chocolate Peanut Butter, and was eating upwards of 3-4 tablespoons per day of it! (on a rice cake though). Once I avoided even buying the stuff in the first place, my weight began dropping again. So really take a hard look at your diet and see what you could be overeating.




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