1 Year Anniversary

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Happy 1st Anniversary to my husband Cory…and great job surviving the first year with me. Just 59 more to go, partner!

Thanks for putting up with me getting up every morning I’m home to make you breakfast, I know how much it doesn’t inconvenience you.

Thanks for listening to me blab on about my workouts and fitness, instagram, and my blog. Thanks for taking one bite of those salty pancakes I made that one time before you spit it out…I promise I’ll never add that much salt and baking soda to anything ever again.

Thanks for putting up with me when I went off birth control (after only being on it for three months) even though it was so awful. I have never pulled over and bawled my face off in a car that many times in one summer.

Thanks for still loving me even though sometimes I hide farts in bed for you to come back and find. At least I don’t freak out when you drive anymore…it was only the first 6 months that was bad.

Most of all, thanks for being a man of God. I really love that the most about you.

Love you forever,


PS. Hitting the gym now….It’s LEG DAY!!!

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