When You Fall in Love with Jim


Oh sorry, I meant ‘gym’…not someone named Jim. My bad.

Anyways, this is meant to hand out a bit of inspiration for those of you who have decided to tackle fitness and weight loss: you just might and probably will…fall in love with it at some point.

Prior to August last year…I LOVED eating out, especially with other people. I loved socializing, eating delicious food, and probably every acceptable meal I could, having alcohol with it. I did not like to work out at that point, but deep down I have always enjoyed exercise and playing sports.

I liked no boundaries on my food or fun, and in return my fat was disrespecting the boundaries of my pants. Change had to happen, and only a month and half into marriage I pretty much decided that was the end of it.

I pledged to start learning how to cook healthy meals and learn moderation. I started with Insanity (oh yes I remember those days) and almost died the first round. After those first ten pounds, something strange started happening, as in I think I was starting to like working out. After Insanity, I attempted a Crossfit session and was so pleased with myself that I could keep up (cardio-wise) and I remember being tickled pink.

A man I worked with went to the gym with me everyday for two weeks to teach me what he knew for weightlifting. I continued with another round of Insanity, and finished shortly before Christmas and was 16 pounds down. Then Christmas, the big test went by. I hardly went to the gym for two weeks, and then a third week went by because of a flu. I weighed myself and was pleased to see I was only 1 pound heavier past Christmas. But I missed GYM.

As soon as I was better, I took on the new year in full force. I decided I was done with cardio, and hit the weights with all the knowledge my guy passed on. I researched and developed my own weightlifting plan, and began IIFYM.

A few months later, I then sat floating between 21-23 pounds down, plus surviving a Mexico All-Inclusive.

I’ve stopped hating working out. I hated it in the beginning…but now I can’t wait to go to the gym. I freaking go to sleep excited that I get to wake up, chow down a healthy breakfast, and meet GYM for a morning date.

It’s kind of like an arranged marriage (all jokes people!)…it had to happen, I had a very small amount of choice, but it was a partnership I’ve grown to love and respect. It’s made me a better person, physically and spiritually in my relationship with God.

No longer do I think about going to the store to eat chips, and now I am satisfied with just one small cinnamon bun. And you know what else…sometimes Dairy Queen Blizzards actually disappoint me. Haha

It gets better, I promise.



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