So I learned on my last days off that I definitely had something wrong with me. Like really wrong…so wrong in fact, that I couldn’t lose weight.

After Mexico (WEEKS ago), I noticed I was really not quite feeling up to speed in my daily life activities, and didn’t even attend the gym for a week. And when I did go back, it was extremely difficult to do weightlifting, but I trucked on though. I had however, gained weight mysteriously, even though I was not going overboard. I had bad constipation, as well as some extremely fatigued moments.

THEN I went back to work. I meticulously (and I really mean that) counted my carbohydrates to 100 grams per day or less just to combat this mysterious weight gain. For my whole two weeks at work, I did heavy weights combined with 5 days a week of sprinting intervals. I slaved to barely shave off the pounds to sit back at 177.8 (I was 177.2 before Mexico). Digestion had improved, but was not amazing. Content with my hard work, I went home.

Now when I get back home from two weeks of camp food, I am heading to eat pizza and just get it out of my system, so that’s what I did. Two days later, I am back up to 182…WTF. I am tired again, constipated, bloated, and moody. There should be no reason this is happening.

SO I did some research, talked to a naturopath…lo and behold, I walk away pretty damn sure I brought back a parasite with me from Mexico, explaining my fatigue, weight problems, and digestion issues. Not only that, because I have a past history of Leaky Gut Syndrome from many years ago (see my Candida post here), that instantly puts me more at risk of contracting a parasite.

I never did go to a doctor to find out what kind I might have, but instead purchased health-grade coconut oil, as well as grapefruit seed extract to help me kill it. I also don’t really know how to take things slow, so naturally I took the maximum dose, kus I’m always up for a good time.

Within 1-2 days of taking the stuff, it pretty much knocked me off my feet. I was foggy in the head, super forgetful, and so tired that I fell asleep on my face on the carpet in our living room. On top of that, within three days, I developed diarrhea in the mornings…like B-A-D diarrhea. Apparently, this is a good sign that you are dispelling the dead/dying parasites.

And now I am slowly working my way back down on the scale once again. Basically, my little moral of this story is to say, if you are having trouble losing weight, and you are being diligent…it MIGHT not be your fault. It could be because of parasites or other digestion issues that you are struggling. Do your research…and certainly don’t be afraid to talk to someone about it instead of beating yourself up.




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