Dear Male Crossfit Trainer


I don’t know your name, because you never bothered to introduce yourself at the crossfit gym my friend and I attended this weekend.

When my bff and I showed up, the girl trainer was VERY friendly and welcoming. We came to your box because I found you online, and you offered a first crossfit class for FREE so people could see if they liked it.

We loved that there was no pressure to buy a pass, even though it was our first time there.

However, shortly before the class started and everyone was stretching, I walked over to the board to see the WOD (workout of the day) and there you were standing. Instead of saying hello and introducing yourself, you continued flirting with the girl trainer. You made eye-contact with me and gave me a look as if I wasn’t worthy to be looking at the WOD I probably wouldn’t understand anyway (right?).

When the warm-up started, you called us to the outside of the building for running. There were six other people in the class, and while standing outside you only asked us what our names were…but once again, you did not introduce yourself.

The female trainer helped us newbies set up our weights and went over proper form while you handled the rest of the class that you already seemed to know. You did not talk to us the entire class, not even to encourage as the female trainer did.

The only time you spoke to my friend or I is when you walked by with your arms crossed, and said “you’re doing it wrong…” and something garbled about our backs as you walked by. You didn’t even stop to tell us both WHILE LOOKING US IN THE FACE and show us correct form. This is point where you really pissed me. If only I knew your name, I’d be calling you by now.

You did not make us feel welcome, nor bid us goodbye as you did the rest of the people in the class. You looked like some guy who was probably picked on in high school, and now because you got buff “doing crossfit” are you now too good to associate with new people wanting to try the sport.

Only because the female trainer was amazing, encouraging and helpful will I actually end up buying a punch pass ($140) from your box…but I will never sign up for your class (once I learn your name).

A New Crossfitter


4 responses to “Dear Male Crossfit Trainer

    • oh it drove me nuts when I was there…kus there is already a huge intimidation factor of going to crossfit for the first time, but this trainer just didn’t even seem to care.

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