Exercises I LOVE


Since January of this year, I have absolutely enjoyed everything I have learned with weightlifting. Although I follow a schedule currently, I like adding a new exercise in every week so that my repertoire is continually growing. However, there’s a handful I MUST share with you, because they are freaking amazing:

Bulgarian Split Squat

LADIES! (and gents) If you care about ‘dat ass’ then please watch the video for this exercise. My butt is killing me for two days after this move. I usually hold two 25’s straight up over my head though, so that it engages my abdominals more.

Weighted Bench Dips

Great upper body exercise…targets triceps really well, and works even better with plates on your lap.

Smith Machine Lunge

Isolates the legs, and allows you to put more weight on your quads. LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.

Push Press

Recently added into my routine. It has really been strengthening my back and shoulders, plus you just feel badass doing it.

Just sharing these for today πŸ™‚ ladies don’t be afraid to get into the smith machine or lifting the bar. You CAN do push press with dumbbells, you CAN do the bench dips without weights, and you absolutely can do regular dumbbell lunges. These exercises however are great tradeouts for some of your oldies!!

Have a great Monday!!



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