Sorry, Not Sorry


Soooo remember how I said I was doing T25, plus starting a new 5-day split routine? I’ve decided to quit both of those ideas and go back to my previous routine..3-day full-body split for weights with 5 days of interval running.

Why? Well I took last night to have some heavy thought on the subject.

I went back to my roots on the matter…’the roots’ being the reason why I’m trying to lose weight and get in shape in the first place. I made a rule with myself that whatever food plan or exercise routine I was taking on, it had to be three things: effective, sustainable, and time-manageable.

From my yo-yo dieter past…it’s very easy to get caught up in going hard and fast, just to race to the end…only to go back to your bad eating and gain weight back. Nuh uh, not this time.

So what’s wrong with 5-day split? TOO many days of having to hit the gym…and on top of that, if I do weights that much, generally I am left too tired to do any cardio, and cardio is very important to me.

Now…what’s wrong with T25? After all…it’s marked to get you in shape in 5-6 days a week for 25 minutes a day! How can you go wrong with that? Well let me explain why. Yes, I thought 25 minutes a day would be perfect, especially to tag it on after weights some days. So I did it for a week.

After one week, I didn’t hardly lose a pound…but I know why. The workout is simply not hard enough for what I am looking for. I desire both speed and power for a cardio workout, and I want to feel like I am working ridiculously hard most of the time. This program not only had confusing and bad “footwork” at times…but many of the moves just didn’t make sense to me. Yes, overall it can be good cardio for someone else, but I really strive to make it harder than that for myself.

Part of my problem is I came off doing 2 rounds of Insanity about 5 months ago, and I still love that workout so much. It has a nice “team” atmosphere, and many of the moves are familiar to me from sports like basketball and football. THOSE moves were not confusing, very difficult, and actually targeted my abs better than any of the T25 Alpha workouts did. Truthfully…T25 made me miss Insanity, and I may start another round of it next month just because now.

Sorry Beachbody…I’m going back to interval sprints/jogging. I was getting a harder workout, and better results with that.



2 responses to “Sorry, Not Sorry

  1. It is hard to give up on yoyo dieting. I have been doing it for years. I have made a conscious decision to transform my life and start eating sustainably. I have lost all excess weight, and I am so glad I moved to a healthy lifestyle!

    • I was in the same boat as you…and yes it is the hardest thing to get over it in your mind I found. Sometimes I’m like “why don’t I just do Atkins for a week…” when I’m getting impatient…but then I remember that I want this to last forever. And when you lose it the healthy way, you actually look twice as good as if you had lost it in a fad-diet way!! We’re in this together πŸ˜€

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