I Love Cheating


Ironic as it is that this post is appearing after my one on binge cravings, I really do love my cheat days. I get to “help my metabolism out” with the sweets that I’ve REALLY been craving all week, and then feebly fend off the tiny voice saying “you’re gonna get fat from eating this…

I did go a little overboard today (2 Butterfinger chocolate bars crumbled onto 3/4 cup of chocolate ice cream might be a bit much hey?) and now that my ferocious tummy-ache is finally subsiding, I feel my sanity running back yelling “FEED ME VEGETABLES AND CHICKEN BREAST AND I WILL NEVER COMPLAIN AGAIN!”.

There’s a few beneficial things an allotted “cheat day” does for me now that I’m really into this whole lifting weights + meal planning thing:

1) Buffers my cravings! And man do I ever get some bad ones the more I cut my carbs for weight loss. Instead of going overboard everyday I have a craving, I tend to set my cheat days between 7-10 days apart, depending on my schedule and whether the scale has stopped moving again. On that day, I eat the thing I want to most, then a moderate amount of protein, and try to hit my maintenance calorie number (2200 for me!).

2) It actually HELPS my weight loss! Right now I’m consuming about 1700-1800 calories per day and a restricted number of carbs, which over time, as I lose weight, I end up hitting a mini plateau because of the hormone leptin. Instead of me explaining through BROSCIENCE like the non-nutritionist I am, just click on the link highlighted so you will be filled in.

3) I get to plan what I eat! No more eating those cookies at that party that weren’t that great anyways and blowing my eating plan. No, instead I cut right to the chase and get the thing I want the most. Not only that…you really get the feeling that you earned it because of all your hard work in the gym coupled with your committed healthy eating.

Scale not moving for a week or more despite your over-excellence? Been heavily restricting your calories for awhile? Have a cheat day!….it never fails that when I do have a cheat day, within two days I’ve dropped another 1-1.5 pounds. Thanks Butterfinger…lol.




2 responses to “I Love Cheating

  1. I totally agree with having cheat days (although mine, er, tend to become cheat weeks on occasion) – my only problem is that sometimes I hype up cheat days so much that when I finally eat that sandwich/icecream/pasta, if it’s not 100% perfect, I leave feeling really disappointed!

    • I absolutely can relate…I remember going to Dairy Queen for a Blizzard a couple months ago…first one I had in a while. It was the most disappointing thing ever 😦 I’ve actually started doing cheat days a little differently when I’m in the city, like having lots of rice with butter chicken, or crazy pancakes. You know…things you NEVER would have counted as cheat foods when you were still fat lol

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