Binge Cravings Do Pass


A really odd event occurred last night that hasn’t happened in a long time: a massive craving for all things caramel, chocolate, and peanut butter. Now maybe it was partially my fault scrolling through the “Food & Drink” category on Pinterest…but still, I haven’t had a craving come on that strong in about 3-4 months now.

Let me explain my situation: 14 days straight every month, I sit in this chair, in a clinic up north, for 12 hours a day…from 6:30PM to 6:30AM. Ugh, yes nightshift kills me…but more than that, it bores me. In addition, through two doors and 30 feet away, there are mounds of baked goods like cookies, muffins, pastries, and donuts just CALLIN’ my name all through the night…and there’s no one around to see me break my “weight loss eating”.

Is there temptation near? EVERY NIGHT FOR TWO WEEKS

So sometimes…when a craving comes on, normally what I do is stroll over to where all the goodies are, unwrap a peanut butter cookie, take a bite, and toss the rest. Then directly after, I go make myself a protein smoothie with fruit for my midnight lunch so that I’m full after. Morally wrong? To some of you, yes…but honestly who makes cookies as big as a bread plate?

Now…this chocolate-caramel-peanut butter craving…was a big deal last night. Could not stop thinking about it. In fact, I had to eat half a bowl of strawberries at breakfast just to satisfy the carb-craving…even if it did put me over my “carb-count” for the day. Better to go 9 grams over rather than 300.

And it didn’t stop there…I went to bed thinking…you know what? Tomorrow is gonna be a cheat day. Yup. Gonna get some ice cream, with Reese’s pieces, and some giant Rolo and eat the WHOLE thing. Omg, I don’t know if I can wait till even after my workout tomorrow. We’ll eat right after. Yeah…YEAH…SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN!

Then I went to sleep, got up to go to my workout, but weighed myself first…lost a pound and a half since 3 days ago. My next thought? FML…I can’t cheat…I gotta keep going. I can do this!

Now my theory for the giant craving is that it sprouted out of combined efforts from my period, and ive been eating a consistent 100g of carbs everday for a week…pretty sure that was the issue.

So…before you cheat, eat some berries and give it a day. It’ll probably pass.



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