Baked Omelettes for the Whole Week!


So I’ve seen on Pinterest many times this article popping up for “Omelette Bites”: basically you muffin tin mini-omelettes wrapped in bacon or ham and bake them…then microwave one every morning “all week long.” Since meal-prepping is becoming all the rage for me lately…I decided to try making them!

Now there was only a couple issues I had with the original recipes that I saw on the app: one being that most of them were made with only 1 egg. I need alot of protein in my meal plan (currently I eat minimum 160g of protein per day) so I had to be able to make these with at least 2 eggs. Secondly, to keep my calories and fat down, I can’t have bacon (waaah) hugging my healthy omelette. Also, because there are two eggs in each…I needed to use one of the ‘giant’ muffin trays in 6’s. If you want to make one-egg omelettes, you use a regular 12 muffin tray.

Here are my seriously easy directions:

2-Egg Muffin Omelettes

You’ll Need:
6 slices of natural turkey sandwich meat (preferably thicker slices)
A dozen eggs
3 slices of medium cheddar cheese
Green or any other bell pepper
4 brown mushrooms
Pre-washed baby spinach

Preheat Oven to 350 degrees C and PAM your muffin tin right meow…

Directions: Chop up your veggies into pretty small pieces, and there needs to be enough to put a bit of each into the tins. Because I’m lazy, I tore up my baby spinach in my hands because I wanted this to be quick and easy haha.

Take your turkey slices, and cut them horizontally as seen in the picture.

photo 1

Two halves will line one tin, with the FLAT bottoms of the slices on the bottoms of the tins (round edges up) as seen below.

photo 2

Then take a large plastic cup, beat two eggs with a fork, then mix in a bit of each veggie. Then pour into the tin. Repeat this six times.

photo 3

Once you pour the egg mixture into each tin, sprinkle salt and pepper. Your six cheese slices you also cut into half, and place half on the surface of each tin.

Bake your omelettes for 30-35 minutes (35 minutes was perfect for me), and when finished, let them cool on the counter before removing.

photo 4

VOILA! They are ready, they are delicious, and yes, I know you really want one.

I actually made 12 of these (yah, that’s alot of eggs) because Cory and I ate one everyday for six days. I usually mic’d them on a small plate for 1:30-1:45 and they were perfectly reheated. I ate it with a slice of toast and White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter everyday. Hardly any breakfast clean-up every morning.

Seriously…I can’t believe I didn’t try to make these before. They made it so easy to heat and eat on the way to the gym. Do it…do it now. πŸ˜‰



7 responses to “Baked Omelettes for the Whole Week!

  1. Freezer food!! This is so perfect since it’s incredibly hard to make decent meals in my campus hostel(no stove) I guess I’ll make it one of the weekends when I head home πŸ˜†

    • Yes! I haven’t tried to freeze them yet, but my brother said he did it, and they tasted a little funny when reheated straight from frozen. He said however they taste fine if you put one in the fridge the night before you’re eating it (to let it thaw) and then reheating it in the microwave πŸ™‚ hope this helps!

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