Gymtime with Mom


Don’t worry, I wasn’t like “hey mom, happy mother’s day…let’s take you to the gym for the first time”. We went about a week before Mother’s Day.

I thought it’d be a good bonding time, do something different plus teach her something new now that we live closer again, and it was a pretty good day…I mean besides the fact that she refused to wear a sports bra (why mothers…why…) but at least she got good shoes for it. We’ll work on the bra later I guess :\

Back up a moment…by the way my mom is awesome, and looks great for her age!

We did a full-body workout, through which I’m sure she might have supressed tears…and by sure, I mean she was saying “I just feel like crying”.

She made it though, and no tears were shed. We even got hit on by retired police officers…and by we, I mean her.

After weights, we walked around on the track, and passed by a huge male trainer with a very skinny young woman. He was saying “don’t worry, I know you can do this” while she nodded her head with tears streaming down her face.

My mom looked at me after we passed and said “well…at least I didn’t cry”.

I could not help laughing. If anyone reads this and has cried at the gym…it’s ok! I have cried doing Insanity workouts…out of exhaustion coupled with the emotions of high expectation.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mom including my own!



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