Wanna know how I faired? Didn’t gain any weight as far as know…(hard to tell because when I left for Mexico I was on my period, and when I came back I was ovulating… :\) but now after spending another week at home, I think I maybe put on one pound, and I have already rid myself of it through cleaner eating again πŸ™‚


I read that on average a person can gain between 6-7 pounds staying for 7 days at an all-inclusive, eating and drinking away every moment…and that terrified me knowing how hard it is just for me to LOSE 6-7 pounds.

So how did Mexico REALLY go after I laid out my plans in my post “So You Want To Survive An All-Inclusive”??

Well, I MOSTLY stuck to eating pretty good. I definitely did the best at breakfast. 6 out of 7 mornings I had an omelette with papaya, guava, and either cottage cheese, and one piece of bacon. I never EVER had seconds, an amazing feat compared to the honeymoon where I am certain I had seconds at almost every meal.

I only ever had dessert at dinners, and even then it was only one or two mini-pastries, except for the bachelorette party for the bride, and at the wedding.

As for alcohol, I mostly stuck to my “1 or 2” sugary cocktails per day and then switched to vodka/club soda/lime. I generally only had one per day, and I never realized how sweet those drinks actually were! I physically could only handle 1 a day.

And the gym? I made it on just one day, which is 100% improvement from zero gym visits. There was a day I got really burned and we figured I should spend the next day out of the sun…and what better way in the hottest part of the day than to go to the gym! It was pretty basic (and sadly, no smith machine) but I was able to do upper body weights and some tough Bulgarian split squats with Cory. There was also one day where we went to the Mayan ruins at Ek Balam, and climbing the temple was actually ENJOYABLE. Ya, you heard me.

Overall, I was happy with myself. I never spent a moment worrying about calories, or not being able to use MFP to track anything, and to stay at basically the same weight is absolutely phenomenal. It gives me hope for Christmas haha

Sorry for the month-long hiatus everybody…but the hardest thing was coming back from Mexico and dealing with gut problems, bouts of nausea, and not to mention one nasty cold I caught on the last day of Mexico. I took me a while to get back to the gym.

Today is my second nightshift back at work…so long sunshine for two weeks, but it is an awesome opportunity to get back to weight loss. Still hitting the gym 3x a week full-body weights, but as of today I started T25 as my cardio program for the next while…and man did it kick my butt πŸ™‚




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