Bikini Progress

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I don’t post my progress pictures very often (mostly because I’m saving the best for last, so maybe in another 15 pounds I’ll post the finals) but I thought it was an appropriate time to show the progress I have made for a bikini since I’ll be in Mexico in a few days.

Picture on the left is from December 7, 2013 and the picture on the right is from March 27, 2014!

Would you believe there is only a 7-pound difference between the two?

Picture on the left: I was almost finished my second round of Insanity, I had about a week left. I had only just started kind of getting into weight lifting, but I wasn’t very consistent yet. I weighed 183 pounds.

Picture on the right: (I lost zero weight over Christmas) I’ve been weightlifting consistently since the middle of January, little over two months, and switched over to IIFYM counting calories and macros. I weighed 177 pounds.

I’m 5’3″ just so y’all know, and I’m a head-to-toe weight loser. So the 7 pounds is actually really significant in this photo everywhere! Face, arm, CHEST, neck, HIPS AND SIDE OF THE THIGH…just in case you aren’t noticing…LOL.

Seriously, I cannot stress how much weightlifting helps for weight loss. I’ve made more progress combining weights and cardio instead of strictly cardio (like I tried in 2013).




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