Goals During Weight Loss

There is nothing I can recommend more than having some goals while you are losing weight! Sometimes having something just within reach is enough to keep you motivated.

I am always coming up with new goals for myself, whether they are a weight I want to lift, or something I want to wear.

A boudoir album is one thing on my goal list…something I’d like to do before I have kids. One last good effort on the record before having children changes my body. It’ll be something that shows the exact details of how much work I’ve put into this body through weightlifting and better food choices. This is for when I reach my goal weight πŸ˜€ (or am satisfied with my progress before that weight).

Then I have smaller goals…like inch or pound loss. Currently my goals are mostly based around weightlifting. Whether it’s your 10 rep max or your 1 rep max…keep upping the weight and challenging yourself.

Complete a workout program like Insanity, T25, P90X or Chalean Extreme to give yourself something different to work toward.

Lastly, be careful about having a goal weight. I do have a goal weight, but it is not the be all and end all. I simply just do not know what weight I am going to feel good at…so until then, I do watch the scale and measure, but in 16 pounds I might be perfectly happy where I’m at instead of in 25 pounds.

Make part of your goal to be where you stop worrying about the scale, and you focus on feeling good instead.



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