So You Want to Survive an All-Inclusive

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The countdown is on for Mexico. T-minus 5 days!

The closer it gets to jet-setting off to the land of sand, food, and margaritas…the more anxious I become about gaining weight on this holiday. I’ve decided to take on the challenge of not gaining any weight on this holiday.

So I did some reading…and turns out there’s actually quite a few articles on this very subject!

When you’re going to an all-inclusive, it’s incredibly easy to get carried away with all-you-can-eat buffets and countless cocktails. I’ve been to an AI twice in Mexico, and I can tell you I had ZERO self-control the two times I’ve been. I definitely can attest to being guilty of weight gain on trips.

Times are different now though, and I’ve been working hard to learn self-control since August. For those of you who don’t know, but I count it a victory for every holiday I take where I actually maintain my weight.

Below are the tip/strategies I’ve gathered from other websites and will take on!:

photo 1 WALK THE BUFFET FIRST! The resort we are going to has one of the best buffets I’ve ever been to, which actually gives me a leg up because I know they have an omelette bar in the morning :). Walk around and decide on 3 or 4 items MAXIMUM for your plate. Choose what you really REALLY want, and leave everything else behind. It’s the same menu all week, so you’ll have other chances.

photo 2 WATCH YOUR PORTIONS! Since I won’t have my handy dandy measuring cups lugging around with me, using the good ol’ hand technique can be relied upon. Take veggies first, proteins second, and leave carbs for the last remainder of the plate. Eat slowly and try not to shovel. Eat this way for breakfast and lunch, then let loose a little on dinner…you will save a lot of calories, trust me. Cravings for something bad? Have it, just don’t have a whole plate of it!!

photo 3 DESSERT! Ok, this might just be my personal opinion on the desserts I have had in Mexico, but they aren’t THAT good. I mean they are alright, but they aren’t anything to gain weight over. If you must have dessert, have it at lunch OR dinner…but never both. The nice thing about the desserts where we are going is that they are cut up into tiny little squares, which is great for me.

photo 4WATER! Going from Canada to Cancun…I know you’re thinking it’s just pina coladas the whole time, but actually you need to still keep up the 8-10 glasses per day and probably more. Bottled water is in the room everyday, and it’s a big bottle. Take it with you and try to drink the whole thing. You need it due to sweating, regular activity, helps digestion, prevents bloating, and rehydrates you from all the alcohol consumption.

photo 1 (1) SPEAKING OF ALCOHOL… Yes, it is all you can drink, but it doesn’t mean drink all you can. I know the sugary, slushy drinks are great to sip from your Bubba Keg (guilty) while you sunbathe…but they can pack 300-500 calories per drink depending on what you get. Have 1 or 2 and then switch to alcohol with a calorie-free mix…my favorite go-to is vodka with club soda and lime…60-70 calories per drink.

photo 2 (1) ALAS, EXERCISE… I know it’s the last thing you want to hear when you go on vacation, but seriously try to get moving at least three times in the 7 day trip. My resort happens to have a gym (score!!) so I have no excuse to go my minimum three times. There is also scheduled activities like volleyball…or heck even go for the barefoot beach job. Just get moving!

I’ll weigh myself the day I leave and the day after I get back and let ya guys know how it went.



2 responses to “So You Want to Survive an All-Inclusive

  1. Yay! You are going to do soooo awesome, and I think this is a GREAT way to approach an all-inclusive resort. It’s all about the experience, not all about how much food and drinks a person can get down, just like you said. Have fun!

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