When Life Affects Your Weight Loss

So sorry I haven’t been here for two weeks flat out! Life has been absolutely crazy…!

Let me fill you in on the details in timeline form…WARNING! This is TMI, as well as freaking long…but you will laugh, and just shake your head and even wonder how I make it to the gym. It’s a tale of two weeks of my life.

March 26th: I flew home after my two weeks of working night shift to finish packing our place up, while Cory was working in our new city for two more days before coming home to fill up the vehicles.

March 27th 3:34PM: Cory is rear-ended in our Toyota RAV4 by a big pickup truck doing 40-50 kph less than 5 minutes after leaving work while he is sitting at a stop light. We’ve only had that vehicle for 10 months.

March 28th: I MAKE IT TO THE GYM IN THE MORNING. Cory is supposed to come home today…he is extremely sore and hurting from the accident, I am stressed out over packing. He goes to the doctor, and barters with the insurance company to give him a Silverado for the weekend so we can move. He drives home that night, and we go for a very late, expensive dinner for the last time in that city. Did I mention my company forgot to pay me today, and I need that money to pay for our first rent? They have to write me a check, and when they try to deposit it, the bank won’t let them. I have to do it…but I’m 3 hours away.

March 29th 6:30AM: We get up and clean like mad for 5 hours to make the place spotless. The bank is open till 4 in our new city. I drive fast on the highway, leaving Cory trailing a half hour behind, to race and pick up my cheque. With 15 minutes till the bank closes, I realize I am at the wrong address of my payroll ladies house. I phone her and race 6 minutes to her correct address. I run up the steps, grab the cheque, and make a dash to back the car. Where’s the nearest bank? 11 minutes away. It’s 3:49pm. Long story short, I made it to the bank in 9 minutes, but it entailed some speeding, parking my car in the drive-through of Tim Hortons, and a 100 meter sprint. 3:59pm I AM IN THE BANK OMG. Cory and I meet up at my best friends house…it’s her birthday tonight. I need a cake. After many phone calls, I drive to Save-On and buy one, and candles. I go back to her house, drink 4 shots of Skinny Girl Vodka and it is on. I eat my face off that night, and drink enough to pass out in Cory’s lap in the truck. I’m exhausted, and he is the DD for me and my friends.

March 30th: We are homeless for a couple days till we get possession. After I wake up from the hangover, we go for breakfast. Then we decide to get a hotel so we can relax and have some space. We go for sushi for supper, and that night Cory’s back is killing him with the stiff hotel bed.

March 31st: I drive Cory to work after I barely slept all night. I go back to the hotel and relax for a few hours, then pack up and check out. I MAKE IT TO THE GYM! I shower there as well, pick up some Grilled Chicken Snack wraps from Mcdonalds and then go and pick him up from work. We go do the inspection with our new landlords, all is well, and they take us out for dinner. We spend one more night at my friends place.

April 1st: Cory goes work with the truck because we are supposed to give the truck back today but we still need it to move. I pack up stuff at my friends place and do one load to our new place. I first had to wait for Shaw and get them to set up our WiFi at our new place, and suspect that the carpet cleaners didn’t do as good a job as everyone would have hoped. Cory, two of my brothers, and myself move ALL OUR STUFF to the new place. Cory sets up the bed, we’re exhausted…we fall asleep. But then he wakes up sneezing and coughing….there’s still cat dander in here.

April 2nd: I don’t make it to the gym today, and I am very sad. I drive Cory to work because the truck is going back today. I go back to our place, research a cat dander denaturing spray, and order it, and sleep in because finally now my body is going back to normal from night shift. I go look at furniture with my mom. I hate everything and realize how picky I am. I drive back downtown and the rental company tells me they DON’T have an SUV “We’re so sorry, we’ll make it up to you. We can get you an SUV tomorrow.”…so they give me a Jetta (which I loved) and it was much better on gas. So I pick Cory up, and we go meet with our lawyer about legal advice dealing with the car and injuries. We go home, and unpack a bit, then go to bed.

April 3rd: I clean the carpet ALL morning trying to rid the place of cat dander. My good friend is visiting town. I pick her up in the Jetta, and ask her if she wants to come to a city 1 hour 20 minutes away so I can do two things: A) get my first bikini wax and B) do a practice MODEST boudoir shoot for my photographer friend. She agrees. Rental company call: “Hi, we have an SUV for you, can you meet us at the southside location?” I’m like PERFECT, I’m on the southside, heading on the highway out of town and it’s on the way out. I drive there…they tell me my Dodge Journey isn’t there yet. WTF I just talked to you people. I wait for 20 minutes and then tell them I have an appointment. They tell me I can take a 2014 Ford Escape. PERFECT, I’ll take it. They send me on my merry way. I make it exactly 84 kilometers down the highway before my tire is completely blown and I have to veer off onto the side of the highway with a smoking rim. I call AMA and they show up in 10 minutes…but now I’m going to be late for everything. Guy tells me he’ll flat bed the rental to the town 54 km away where I am going, so we do that. I call the rental company…and same thing “We’re so sorry this happened, we’ll make it up to you (I’ve heard this before)”, and they tell me they have a Mitsubishi SUV in the city I’m going to. We go there, drop the Escape off, I run into the building and this location says “We have no SUV here, we don’t know who called you”. WTF people. W. T. F. I’m like “well I gotta make it to an appointment I’m an hour late for so you need to give me something to make it back to the city anyways.” They give me this POS Nissan Versa with no CC, and I’m like whatever I’ll take it. We drive like mad to my bikini wax appointment, I get the deed done..I am limping and bleeding. Off to the photoshoot…that goes alright. Somehow I make it back home with my sanity. Cory goes to his first physio appointment, and says he feels like junk.

April 4th: I wake up next to Cory, he is ice-cold, shivering in his sleep and sweating. I think he has a fever. He gets up to go to work, and I give him Advil to take with him. I go back to sleep…I wake up and my mom wants me to give her a snowboarding lesson. I run over to her house and we go to the hill for 3 hours, then I pick up food on the way home. I spend the day unpacking and cleaning, especially the kitchen. Cory comes home and passes out. Yep…fever, and sore swollen throat. I MAKE IT TO THE GYM in our condo for an hour. I’m bored now…so I go to Walmart and buy cutlery. We’ve been eating our food with our hands for days now. I get the crappiest sleep of my life because Cory sweat so bad next to me in bed, it soaked through the sheets and onto me. It’s a rough weekend for him.

April 5th: The landlord is coming over to get the dishwasher replaced and he will be here at 830am. I have to get up at 7am and finish cleaning the place and tidy for him. He arrives, as well as Home Depot with the new one, and he installs it. Cory is down for the count, and I am to meet my girlfriends for lunch. I meet them at a quaint brunch place, find an unopened bottle of vodka on the ground, and eat the largest order of eggs bennie in my life. We then go to the mall, and shop…and out of stress, I purchase two new VS sports bras that I have no regrets. I go home and Cory is still sick. Another night of sweating.

April 6th: He is feeling better, and I actually got some sleep. We go for breakfast with my brothers, and then go to buy a garbage can at Walmart…isn’t being married so exciting? We spend the rest of the afternoon unpacking and setting the canopy on the bed up and putting things away. I finish treating the carpet, and finally all is well with his allergies.

April 7th: Cory takes the NISSAN Versa to work and finally gets it switched out for a Chevy Equinox. We find out the RAV4 has over $10,000 worth of damage yet, and they are not even done the estimation for repairs…so it’s probably a write-off. I MAKE IT TO THE GYM AND MAKE IT THE HARDEST WORKOUT EVER. We go to IKEA, and end up fighting over frozen yogurt, and how we are not buying from there because they’re furniture is cheap.

April 8th: I RAN 2 MILES…wow cardio was a first lol. I pack, and meal prep for him all day, and get ready to leave for work.

April 9th/10th:
Tonights my first night shift and I feel like death, but hey…it’s not like sleep deprivation had been anything new the last couple weeks.

So thus this is why life jinxed my weight loss for the last while 😦 I ate out alot, and didn’t really calorie count too much, tried to be reasonable…but it’s hard when you can’t cook for yourself and everything is going wrong.

The fact that I worked out 3x each week off is still a victory in my eyes. So please guys…2 weeks isn’t going to wreck everything..it’s just going to slow you down is all.

Now I am on night shift for 6 nights, then we leave for Mexico! Congrats if you made it through this post!



5 responses to “When Life Affects Your Weight Loss

    • me too! it was enough to make me eat a lot of jelly belly’s one day 😦 but I still made it to the gym. I was too determined not to make it happen. THANK YOU

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