Getting Fit vs. Getting Skinny

Skinny is a word no longer present in my ‘goal list’ vocabulary. I have realized there are other words associated with it I don’t like…words like “diet”, “low-calorie”, “anorexia”, and “bulimia”. Skinny is a very restricted term that is generally used to describe someone at face value, nothing to do at all with their health or fitness level.

No, I do not want to be ‘skinny’.

In the earlier days of my weight struggles, I used to look at magazines of beautiful SKINNY women and wish I could look like them too. They probably have zero problems looking for clothes, I thought, as I touched my massive thighs that warranted anywhere between a 13-15 pant size. I just want to fit into any clothes I want.

Once I started working out, eating well, taking care of myself, and the weight came off…I noticed something strange. I didn’t look like those girls yet. My shoulders were more square with definition, and biceps were peeking out. My cellulite disappeared, but my pants were still a 32 in order to fit my muscular thighs. Skinny wasn’t happening.

And then it dawned on me…about the girls in the magazine. They must eat hardly ANYTHING to look like that! (this is before all the controversy about airbrushing came out). The fact that ‘skinny’ wasn’t happening for me started immediately to fall away. I felt good, I looked good in clothes AND out, I could do things physically I could never do before…and I never once starved.

See, getting ‘fit’ does more for you mentally than being skinny ever will. If you sell your body short of food and exercise in order to make clothes shopping a better experience…you’ve missed the whole point. Getting fit gives you more overall confidence because you know what your body is capable of doing, and the hard work to get you there is worth it. Who cares about the clothes…you can find clothes anywhere that will fit, it just might take some tailoring.

Skinny people focus on the scale and feel good by the number there…fit people start forgetting about the scale…I know I definitely have started to worry about it less. You’re definitely not thinking about the scale when you crush 3 x 6 reps of bench press with two 50 pound dumbbells (it was a first for me today!).

Focus on fitness…skinny is for models…who actually get paid to be skinny for clothes.



4 responses to “Getting Fit vs. Getting Skinny

  1. I totally agree, I haven’t check the scale in a while now. Strangely enough, when I was younger I always wanted to be fit and toned, not skinny. So I’m still working on the fit part πŸ™‚ Great blog by the way.

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