Why I Like IIFYM

So I’ve been following the “If It Fits Your Macros” food-tracking trend for the past 8-9 weeks but I haven’t really mentioned how I have been fairing with it (other than the fact that it started my weight loss again!). If you don’t know what IIFYM is, see my post here.

Because of weightlifting, the scale has been relatively slow, but I also partially blame myself because I kind of shift between a “losing” state when I’m up at work and then shift toward a “maintenance” eating mode when I come home. My whole goal on days off is to not gain weight anyways, and I am able to do that, so I still count that a victory, no matter how small.

So far I’ve lost almost 7 pounds with IIFYM (could be 8 lbs by this Wednesday, crossing fingers), and although that is only about 1 pound per week overall, the visible progress I have made is amazing because I am retaining my lean muscle mass.

My macros are currently as follows:

Calories per day: 1715 calories (this is TDEE-25% so this is an aggressive weight loss number)
Protein: 178 grams
Fat: 71 grams
Carbs: 90.5 grams

However, although these are my macros given to me by the calculator, I’ve done lots of reading on protein consumption and how much you ACTUALLY need. Most websites tell you that you need to eat 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight, but there is a site I did some heavy reading on here that discusses studies that were done on people of different activity levels, and discovered you don’t actually need that much protein.

Although whey protein powders and other supplements are highly marketed, the article discusses that full time athletes and people who are weight training only actually need 0.6-0.8 grams of protein per pound. Why? Because you are only trying to retain your LEAN muscle mass….and when I started at almost 200 pounds, I’m willing to bet I wasn’t 200 pounds of lean muscle. In fact when I started IIFYM, I found that I was feeling quite satisfied in the beginning with about 145-150 grams of protein per day, so I changed my macros a little bit to see what the difference in the other macros would be.


Calories: 1715 (TDEE-25%)
Protein: 142.4 grams
Fat: 71.2 grams
Carbs: 126.1 grams

The reason why I have alternate macros I sometimes follow is because when you ingest too much protein…you will know. In fact everyone around you will know, because you will have something called the “protein farts”. They seriously hang in the air…they are ridiculously heavy gaseous events I have experienced. This happens when you are ingesting too much protein for your body to synthesize…so no, you aren’t just GROWING more muscle eating more protein. You are just making everyone around you miserable, FYI.

Anyways, I digress….I have seen way more muscle definition come out on IIFYM than when I followed the MyFitnessPal formula because instead of being given 1200 calories to eat that day, working out for two hours, then eating back my 1200 + a 1000 calories burn….I just eat 1715 calories…every day.

The benefits of this? I can eat that same number on days I don’t work out…because over a week, I’m still under my calories overall. So…instead of my appetite rapidly changing from eating giant meals and small meals…my appetite is under much better control now than before due to eating the same amount of food everyday.

Also, because I am meeting my protein goal daily as well as lifting weights a minimum 3 days per week, I am doing the best I can to minimize the amount of muscle mass I am losing with the weight…no flabby cardio bunny will I ever be again.

If you haven’t tried IIFYM, try it for at least 2-3 weeks…and if you hate eating a little bit of ice cream and still losing weight…well go back to your celery sticks and broccoli πŸ˜›

Have a good rest day…for those who rest Sundays.



2 responses to “Why I Like IIFYM

    • haha well that’s when I say when people are like “you count the amounts of everything you eat? how tedious.” and I’m like…hey I can fit ice cream in today and still be on track….WIN

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