When You Have An Uneven Squat

Squats are, hands down, my FAVORITE exercise next to deadlifts. Know why?

You get a nice butt and ‘dem bitches burn LOTSA calories πŸ˜€

Only problem is that I’ve had an issue with my squat form for awhile now, and it’s not a problem I can just fix lickity split…and I’m only coming to grips with the issue now.

I discovered last January when I started doing dumbbell squats that I noticed in the mirror my form was kind of wonky. It was only slightly at first, and I became increasingly more aware of it when I began to squat with heavier weights. There was a very distinct height difference in my hips, and I could even see it when I would try to stretch out my quads afterward. Shortly after discovering this, I started having the “longer” leg cramp up severely on the treadmill. When this started happening, I decided to see a chiropractor for the first time.

I thought of all the reasons why this could be, and honestly there is just too many to really know, but there is one distinct event in my life where I remember something involving the “lower hip”. In September of 2010 I went on my first mountain hike with a few besties. I was completely out of shape, which probably attributed to the disaster that happened. I’m pretty short (5’3″) and due to being the slowest, I stayed at the back of the hiking line. 40lbs on my back coupled with taking longer strides to keep up with everyone took its toll after just 10 kilometers uphill. I started to limp for the last 3k and by the time we reached the camp that night, I was seriously wondering how it hurt that bad. The next morning was even worse, and I could barely put weight on that leg. We decided to continue on…I didn’t want to be the reason we drove all the way out for this trip just to turn around. I got my last chance to turn around once we reached a glacier. I had to stop so many times because my hip was utterly dying!!! I did the math on the kilometers ahead, and decided that I should just tough it out. If I made them turn back now, we would have hiked more going back the other way, than just continuing over the mountain to the end.

So instead of turning back on the first 10km when the pain started, I hiked another 35km on it LIKE AN IDIOT. I limped for a couple of weeks after the trip, and really babied my hip, compensating with the other.

And this I believe is where my problem stemmed from.

So I did end up seeing a chiropractor and got adjusted one time right before my wedding 9 months ago, and it already made a world of a difference…however because of my time and money issues right before getting married, I couldn’t continue getting treated.

So for the time being, until I see my chiropractor again for consecutive visits on these next days off, I am giving up the full squats 😦 I know sad right!

However, all hope is not lost. I did tons of reading on this same problem, and it turns out many people are dealing with this same issue. A suggestion that came up a few times was working one side of the body at a time, to equalize strength levels, so I have taken this on!

I’ll continue to be doing my stiff-legged deadlifts, but I have moved on to focusing more on lunges and one-legged squats with an amazing machine at the gym called the Smith Machine!!

I know there are lots of haters out there for this piece of equipment, but after doing a few workouts on it, I think it’s a new favorite. Lunges on this machine are wicked, and isolate the legs better! And I tried doing one-legged squats on my own without this piece of equipment, and it’s just not the same. Now with this machine I can isolate my glute on each leg in one-legged squat form better than I ever could do full-body squats with these uneven hips.

Although I will eventually want to go back to free-weight squats (overall more muscle use with abdominals for calorie burn) for the time being these will have to do until I can get my back and hips adjusted!!

If you’re unsure of what these exercises look like…just YouTube them, that’s all I ended up doing.




2 responses to “When You Have An Uneven Squat

  1. Dang! I swear we all think we are champs when we endure pain that we know isn’t good, and nothing good every comes from it. Why we can’t listen to the “angel voice” and always opt to keep doing what we are doing, I don’t know. But, either way, I hope your hips get adjusted and are back to normal soon!

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