Must Not Cardio

After 6 1/2 months I can truly say that today I said “Yeah, don’t put me down for cardio”.

It’s not my fault really.

I work nightshift currently, and was woken up 2.25 hours into sleeping this morning for a traumatic medical call on the site I work on, so I had to go from REM to 130 bpm to drive the ambam to the hospital (40 minutes away), so I didn’t go back to sleep till four hours later, and even then I only slept for four more hours till my official shift started at 7pm. On top of that, I deadlifted 160 pounds yesterday (most ever) and seriously needed to recover from that. I am a hurtin’ unit.

The weekend usually calls for cardio, but my energy was sapped tonight. Usually I do not take pre-workout powder before doing cardio, just because I usually don’t need it AND strongly feel it should only be taken for weight sessions…but that’s just my opinion. I did take a scoop, waited for the good vibrations, then hopped on the treadmill and attempted the first minute.

“Sierra…just no.” My body said. I agreed with it…a long run didn’t seem appetizing to me either.

So instead I decided to change it up and just do a “homemade circuit” so that I would work harder for shorter periods of time. I was pretty sure my body could handle short bursts, it just couldn’t sustain distance right now. Maybe after more sleep.

My circuit, consisted of a 4-5 rounds of the following, 1 minute each with 30 seconds rest in between:

Sumo squats w/ 25 lb kettle bell
Box Jumps
Hanging Ab Crunches
Bicycle Crunches

Did that for about 21 minutes and managed to burn a little over 300 calories, which is not bad if you think about it. Also this was my first time attempting box jumps, and damn do they get your heart rate up.

So moral of the story is…if you don’t feel like treadmill, or elliptical…just do something different that will still engage your mind. I was so busy watching the clock and waiting for rest periods that 21 minutes went by way faster than 21 minutes on the treadmill, and you can bet I burned more than I would have on there.



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