Ridiculous Reasons to Lose Weight


1. To Eat Whatever You Want

First of all, you look and feel the way you do right now BECAUSE you’ve been eating whatever you want, whenever you wanted. If you are in this race to sprint to the end, only to return to your old eating habits, then friend, I suggest you reassess. Believe me, I’ve been there. You reach a certain number on the scale or size, and then you just stop. Race over, and 3.5 months later you’ve regained 20 pounds and you have no idea how. This is not a sprint, this is a marathon, one in which you will have to continuously work at maintaining, which gets harder as you get older. Don’t lose weight to eat whatever you want…lose weight so you can eat healthy food and SOME of what you want, SOMETIMES.

2. To Get Hot

Everybody wants to be hot, even me, so I get this. There’s a couple problems with this reason. One being that this is a completely vain reason that has nothing to do with being healthy, and two being that this reason alone will not sustain you through workouts enough to make it to the end. There has to be more to losing weight than just eating bland, tiny amounts of food and running on the treadmill for the sake of calories. Also, once you “get hot”, you’ve now achieved your goal. Where do you go from there? Oh right…you just become an endless “selfie” on Instagram.

3. To Be a Size Zero

Let’s be clear here: you are a PERSON not a PANT SIZE. Whatever size you are trying to fit into, stop trying to achieve that specific size. Not only do sizes vary per brand, they are designed generally for the body type of that companies choice. Also, once you have lost weight and built some muscle, chances are that your body may not fit that size. Is that your body’s fault? Heaven’s no. It’s the pants. Realize that just like the scale, a size number does not measure your health or how you look.

4. To Get a Date

You shouldn’t have to lose weight for someone to love what kind of person you are underneath. The best spouses are the ones who have known you at your worst, stick with you through the changes, and love you just the same in the end. I’m not saying stay fat till you get a date, just don’t make it the reason to lose weight. If you lose the weight and start to backslide once dating, sometimes that can cause pressure in relationships, and you may feel that person will only stay with you while you stay trim. My husband has known me through slim and chubby, and we finally decided to date in my chubbiest stage. and 21 pounds down, he feels just the same about me.

5. To Make Others Jealous

Some of you must have seen that “fitspiration” poster that’s going around that says “Do it to make others jealous.” NONSENSE I SAY! You really need to check you and your ego at the door if you’re going to determine your self-worth by how others envy you. You’re not more important than the rest of us, and you’re certainly not a more valuable person just by losing weight/getting fit. Leave aesthetics out of it and drop the ego. Hard work isn’t rewarded by a trophy filled with the jealousy of peers…you are awarded an OPPORTUNITY to inspire others to work hard. Seriously, that poster can go sit on a thumb and rotate.

That’s my two cents for the day πŸ™‚




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