Happy 26th Birthday


You know you’re obsessed with fitness when hubby asks what you want for your birthday and you reply:

“C4 and a NIIIICE shaker cup please!”

Today’s that day, that time of the year you go up in the numbers once more. “25” seemed invincible since I could finally rent a car. The last milestone of adulthood (in Alberta anyway HAH). “26” just seems…for crying out loud the “30” wave is coming already? 4 more years, really?

Anyways, I’m over it, kus the time is going to pass regardless, it’s how you spend your life that is going to matter in the end…especially if you served others or only yourself. I’m going home on days off tomorrow and I’ll just be so excited to see the husband and family I’ll forget all about being old.

I haven’t tried C4 yet, but I heard it’s pretty awesome, and although I love coffee, not gonna lie I’m not a huge fan of downing it before I workout to get some energy kus it usually upsets my stomach a bit. I also feel I am not fitting in at the gym without a shaker cup…just saying :\

Things I also asked for my birthday:
+ workout tank tops
+ T25 DVD SET!!
+ new earbud headphones in a crazy color
+ yummy Cookies & Cream protein powder
+ Quest Bars or LaraBars
+ any kind of new fitness food pretty much will make me happy
+ wrist straps to help me hold the 160 lb deadlift I’m sporting

And that’s that. Oh and here’s a picture comparing last year around my birthday, to this year…20 pounds makes a difference:


What a wonderful day it is πŸ™‚



3 responses to “Happy 26th Birthday

    • hey i like you too, but I probably miss you AND love you more.

      but you’re so far *crying* and we will never live close by! we just hike together when I’m fat and see each other at christmas when I’m kinda drunk!

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