The Scale Has to Go


I know I’m not the only one thinking that either, but lately I’m pretty fed up with it.

Let me be clear: this does NOT mean I am giving up my 6 months of hard work and abandoning the mission.

OK so I’m in this bad habit where the two weeks I go away up north to work, I weigh myself far FAR more than I do at home. Actually I only weigh myself the first day I get home, and a couple days before leaving. Well, I have been obsessing over it a little bit the last three days because I’m just so happy to finally be entering the 170s…except I haven’t yet.

I sorta had this goal that I would be in the 170s by my 26th birthday….which is tomorrow!

I stepped on the scale this afternoon upon waking up from my nightshift, and was disappointed to see that it read 180.2 lbs. So the good news is that my cheat day yesterday helped me lose 0.2 lbs, but I would really like to see that goal met tomorrow…come on Jesus!

Anyways, in light of this looming event, I did some research today on weightlifting during weight loss, and what happens when the scale stops moving or hardly budges. Apparently this is the exact point where people start to give up, because the scale isn’t telling them what’s happening inside their body.

I re-educated myself on the hard truth that the scale measures everything…bone, muscle, fat, organs, hair, water…everything except for health and inch loss. Well, I went on to take my measurements today, and turns out I have lost another whole inch on my waist πŸ™‚ coming in nicely at 31 inches, and also lost an inch on each thigh resulting in 24 inch thighs (I started at 26.5-27ish).

So one word of advice I did read, is at this time, for about a month, do not look at the scale. Rely on pictures, inches, and the way clothes fit. So I might just do that.

This does not mean I won’t sneak a peek at the scale tomorrow to find out if I got my birthday wish πŸ˜‰

Nigh Nigh



5 responses to “The Scale Has to Go

  1. I set the same goal …. I wanted to be 148 by my 40th bday, I was three pounds shy of hitting my goal. I tried to not be disappointed but I was….a little. You’re doing great though!!

  2. I have smiliar problems. Like i cant wait to be in the 160’s i workiut a tone and eat healthy but sincr im doig it the right way it is taking forever! Im presently 172. Follow my nlog to read more about my journey also i want to run for 20 hrs this month total!

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