Cheating: Sometimes It Just Needs To Happen


Ok I KNOW I said for my “4 Week Challenge” I wasn’t going to ingest white sugars…like any at all.

But I’m at a standstill on the scale, can ya blame a guy?!

So It’s been about 3.5 weeks now that the scale has been a fickle vag (and my mother can’t get mad at me for using that word…technically that is an accurate description of the scale: sometimes she’s nice and sometimes she’s not).

I’m still doing IIFYM, and although I definitely did not stick to it completely on days off, I have been sticking to it for the last week and a half to a T. AND SHE GIVES ME NOTHING!


And after three days of that you are like…that’s it, imma fatty fo life.

So I have decided now is the time for the big guns. It’s time we play dirty.
I went into the cafeteria and scoped out the ice cream, then headed into the shop and purchased a pack of jumbo Rolos and a box of Reese’s pieces. I plan on piling those on a cup and half of Chapman’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream…today, approximately 5:30pm.

I distinctly remembering this happening at the end of last year as well…the scale just stopped and it wasn’t till I ate this blueberry cream filled pastry thing that I actually lost weight the next day. So maybe that’s all she needs…a good jump start to the engine.

FTR: When I cheat, I still stay within my daily calorie limit (which right now is 1752 calories per day), and I eat some protein, but I try to eat 100-150g+ over my daily carbohydrate intake as well as keep my fat intake down.

Picture will be posted πŸ™‚




6 responses to “Cheating: Sometimes It Just Needs To Happen

  1. Sometimes you just have to rock out! I plan a cheat day every week. Generally it will fall on a Sunday but depends on what social activity is planned. I don’t have a sweet tooth, my weakness are the savoury snacks (chips, nachos… carbs..carbs..carbs). I think most people I know who are successful in their goals give themselves time off for good behavior. When the scale sticks, anything is worth a try. And you’re still staying within your calorie level so what the hey!

    • Ah I’m exactly like you actually, I too crave salty chips and such! (mmm Dill Pickle Lays) But unfortunately I’ve learned I kind of tend to go overboard when I have them, so when I eat the sweet stuff, it still kills my carb craving, but im like…ok I’m good (i think because the sugar makes me a little ill lol). In any amount of time did you find cheat meals helped with cutting??

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