How I Started & Keep Going

photo (2) There’s a tiny tricep poking out there!! Hurray for “small” victories. Just one of the few improvements I am noticing on this quest.

People tend to always ask two things: What made you want to start, and how do you keep going?

Thought I would share today on the why’s and how’s, in case anyone skimming this blog is looking for a similar pattern to start. Often we know we want to change something about ourselves, whether it’s a specific habit, weight loss, or fitness, but it’s definitely hard to find places to start.

About this time last year I had started trying to run. I was drinking Visalus shakes as snacks, eating meat and veggies for meals and beginning to pick up squats and other types of fitness. I remember I was not a very fast runner…4.5 on the treadmill for maybe 15-20 minutes. I lost about 15 pounds in time for my wedding…but my low-carb lifestyle was abandoned at the altar and I gained all that weight right back within two months.

Then came August and I was once again tired of my weight. I just wanted to look ok in pictures, and not worry about shopping for pants for once. So with my personal Instagram account I came across some weightloss profiles on the app. Really inspiring women who were using the app to keep themselves motivated, post their meals, and follow each other’s successes. These women also were not just thin women, but fit, strong women. Here is where I decided it would all come together.

I downloaded MyFitnessPal and started tracking all my calories. At first it was hard, because 1200 or 1400 calories is not a lot of food if you don’t know how to eat right, but slowly I began to catch on.

I already owned the TeamBeachbody Insanity program and had made it through 2 weeks pre-wedding, but hadn’t returned to it. I began this DVD workout again. Googling other Insanity success stories made me ponder how they were determining their “calorie burn” and thus I discovered this wonderful thing called a Heart Rate Monitor in watch form, with a chest strap. I purchased it from Walmart for all of $69. It is still one of my prized possessions. Using it made it more accurate for me to determine my calorie burn, and how much food I could eat on the program with MFP.

I made a vow to start cooking 80% of my meals at home, and learn how to make vegetables into something amazing.

I lost 6 pounds by September and by the end of the month, I somehow made it through my first round of the program, and I felt amazing. I still remember one crucial point in the first 2 weeks of Month 2 where I was burning 900+ calories on some 60 minute workouts, and grabbed a brownie parfait cup…all 700 calories of it. I had been addicted to them previously, but for some reason I had just plowed this Insanity workout with my best efforts, and I had zero cravings for it. Into the garbage it went. After Insanity, I went for my first run and did 5km for the first time in 5 years.

I made friends with a jacked guy on the rig I was working for and asked if I could come with him to the gym and learn how to lift weights. Thank goodness that man was patient enough with me, because he taught me so much in the two weeks I attended with him. I went on to complete another round of Insanity before the end of December, supplementing the program with weights.

Christmas has past, and now here I am six months from August, 20 pounds lighter, and on my third round of the Insanity program, with 3 full body weight lifting sessions, and running at least 5km twice a week.

I post here on my blog, and 2-3 times a day on my Instagram account to share my food with all, as well as progress pictures.

How do I keep going?

They say 21 days creates a habit, and after talking to my husband about it tonight, I realized I don’t really remember what I was eating before those 6 months, except that I was eating out a lot, and probably having too much alcohol. It feels good to not remember, and not have to think too much about “what to make when I get home” because I know it’s going to be good for me, and out of habit I’ll make something good. 6 months should make this habit concrete I’d say πŸ˜‰

Pictures are also one of the few things that keep me going. They help me see changes I can’t feel. So take em from all the angles you can think of, because the days you want to quit are when you see things in pictures you didn’t know had “changed”.

So that’s my story.



3 responses to “How I Started & Keep Going

  1. This is amazing! I’m on a similar journey of my own and I can relate so much to a lot of your challenges and successes. Good luck, I cant wait to see whats next!!

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