4 Week Challenge


Today marks the official “8-weeks-till-Mexico” date on the calendar, and in order to keep me on track and motivated, I am starting one of two “4 Week Challenge” segments.

Didn’t find it on the internet anywhere…just came up with it for myself.

4 Week Challenge

Fitness Component:
+ run at least 5km twice a week
+ complete month 1 of Insanity (round 3)
+ continue 3 full-body weight sessions per week
+ Do. Not. Miss. Any Workouts. (except Sundays, they may be taken as an optional rest day.)

Eating Component:
+ ZERO drinking EXCEPT for my birthday.
+ ZERO fried foods
+ No breads at breakfast, only fruit and veggies for carbs.
+ No white breads, white rice, or white sugar. Only white popcorn is allowed.
+ Drink at least 2L of water per day.
+ Cut down on sodium and use more herbs and lemon to flavor food.

Challenge reward if completed? New Nike Sports Bra I think !!!!

Taking a before and after picture to see the progress πŸ™‚

Night y’all



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