Monday Blahs


So tonight’s workout was the hardest yet to get going on. It was one of those “eff that 5k run” kind of moments.

In case I haven’t mentioned, the new year has not been the kindest to me in terms of energy.

I’ve been sick THREE times since Christmas, and just recovered from the third cold yesterday. Prior to Christmas I had not been sick for a year.

I thought long and hard about it, and made the connection with the timing of getting sick twice in one month was directly correlated to the nights Cory and I went to dancing lessons. The ladies have to dance with every man…so I was touching at least thirty different men’s hands on Tuesdays and thus ended up sick by Thursday. Oivey.

So I did ZERO Insanity on my days off, and instead crawled to the gym to somehow do circuit training 2-3 times each week. Then I tried to start Insanity again on Thursday but that’s the only day I did because then I had to switch to nights, so I only got in 1 weights session on Friday. Lastly, in the middle of the night, I was granted my “monthly friend”…oh joy.

So needless to say, after a couple days of no exercise coupled with the cramps and bloating, I was in no mood tonight to entertain the treadmill. Seriously, I was putting on my Lu Lu Lemon’s to go to the gym and my brain is like seriously, you should just throw in the towel, you haven’t run in a week so you probably won’t even make 5 km…

But I walked out the door, made it to the gym, put some music on and started really slow. Did it suck? Hell yes, I struggled just to make the 35 minute run and felt like I was jogging 4 months pregnant with a diaper on. Do I regret it?

Not one single bit.

So if you’re thinking about not working out today, someone else ran 5km at 2:30am on the first day of their period.

Enuff said πŸ˜‰



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