Being Real With Food

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There is one specific thing of which I am very proud about the 20 pounds I’ve lost since August. And no it’s not my flatter stomach or my cut shoulders.

I’ve been real with my food.

I haven’t followed the so-called “clean-eating” regime many have taken on (God bless your hearts), leaned on any kind of “shake mix” program, taken supplements, or returned crawling back to the yo-yo master himself, the Atkins diet (may we never meet again).

I’ve simply tried to cook at home 80-90% of the time, incorporating more vegetables cooked in a variety of spices and methods, cut down on my sweets, stuck to rice or potatoes with meals, and “tried” to limit alcohol.

I’ve had wings, sushi, wine, pizza and DQ Reese Peanut ButterCup Pie blizzards…and I’m not talking a ‘couple of wings’ either. I’m saying it’s 25 cent wing night at the pub down by the university and I’ve just inhaled 25 hot wings with ranch dip and my gosh why did I do that, eaters remorse here we come, I think I’ll just have 15 next time. Got the picture?

Thing is, being married to someone with a much faster metabolism than I, I had to learn WHEN I could eat like that, and how often.

It’s been a long process – about 6 months – but reaping the benefits of having more self-control around food has been the greatest success. I used to be able to EASILY fit in 4-5 slices of pizza…plus have hot wings and whatever else. Nowadays, I am struggling to finish a third slice, and no hot wings. Why? Because I am full and satisfied due to healthier choices AND practicing eating my food slower. This is not the last pizza on the entire planet, we do not have to treat it as such. Sometimes I still shovel though…like sushi.

Maybe one day I will transition to clean-eating…but it is not this day.

Ciao folks



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