Mcdonalds in the Macros

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It’s been an awesome week with Cory. We’ve gone to the gym every other day together, and we are slowly working up his cardio.

It’s been a bit of trial trying to figure out a gym workout where we both kind of get what we want. The first time we went, all I wanted to do was run. So Cory ran with me, in poor shoes for long distance running, five whole kilometers for the first time, without a break. The next day he had a pronounced limp, and a bruise forming on both sides of his foot. He was in pain for a couple weeks…and boy did that make me feel selfish.

So I figured we could probably do circuit training…that way, I am still getting my running in, and we could do full body weights. A happy balance indeed.

We set out to Sport Chek and purchased him a pair of New Balance runners…the same brand I own. I love their conservative lightweight shoes, that encourage natural running.

The first day we went to the YMCA by our house, but it was so packed with only a 100M track available, that I just wanted to get out of there. We ran 3 x 1km intervals with weights, and Cory’s feet were killing him.

But by the third day we went to the other fitness centre by our house, yesterday he ran 4 x 1km intervals with weights. We were at the gym for 2 hours! Which is pretty amazing since I like to be in and out within 60-90 minutes max. My HRM proudly said I’d burned 1000 calories, so I let him pick the place to eat lunch.

Mcdonald’s of course…lol. But it still fit into all my macros (thank you IIFYM) because I ate a nice breakfast plus was having salmon and salad for dinner that night. Hello Quarter-Pounder with cheese…it’s been awhile.

Hitting the gym again tomorrow, hoping for the same sort of burn πŸ˜‰

Everything in moderation πŸ˜›



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