Weight Loss on the Night Shift

Yes, it’s possible, I gotta believe that anyways since I am starting night shift tonight.

Actually, really it IS possible. I worked night shift once before (albeit, I was working a physical job at the time) and I did watch what I ate plus I even did a cleanse! One of the times I was actually healthy for a period of time.

So life is changing for me this year. Two weeks a month I’ll be at my job working nights, and then I’ll go home and switch back to being on days. This will take a bit of discipline to get into routine exercise and healthy eating on a completely different schedule… 😦

No joke, I’m sitting here making a meal plan at the same time I’m doing this post, because I’m realizing I won’t have an option to get anything from the kitchen in the middle of the night except all of the cookies sitting out, top this all off the fact that today is day 1 (ladies…you know what I mean) and it’s just a bad mix. I’m not really watching what I’m eating tonight because I’m staying up a full 24 hours to just be able to sleep in the morning.

I’ve done some reading tonight on tips for living healthy on the night shift, suggestions below:
Healthy Eating Plan for Night Shift is a good page to read for simple tips on adjusting your diet according to your schedule.
3FatChicks has a page that discusses the importance of sleeping good while working night shift, and how a lack of sleep causes you to gain weight, and it ups your appetite.
LiveStrong always has good articles, including this one. Emphasizes the importance of exercise, and how working out on the way to your shift will energize you, instead of affecting your sleep before bed.

As for me, I do get REALLY hungry when I work night shift…so I’m designing a meal plan that involves 5 x 300 calorie meals..just because I do get really hungry. I’ll add in extra small snacks for when I burn more calories on workouts…this is just a plan, and can be adjusted. I start my 3rd round of insanity today, after my first daytime sleep. I’ll still be fitting in weight lifting sessions as well, but probably only 3x a week.

Anyone have other suggestions for night shifts that they’ve tried?




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