Running Wasn’t That Bad

photo 1 (1) Morning..uggggghhh. I woke up extremely groggy today, as I was quite active yesterday. 5K run (yes, I did make the full run) plus Cory and I went to our first CEROC dancing lesson last night. BTW, going to dancing lessons after your first 5K in a few weeks just results in achy legs and not being able to function very well.

My breakfast today was 2 eggs, 2 Silver Hills Little Big bread, 2 turkey bacon, and a half of a delicious orange…all for 370 calories.

photo 2 (1) And that run was actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I started slow and really built up my pace…I only walked for 1 full lap, and then walked the last 15-20 seconds of it. Cardio was a bit behind though, my HRM told me so, as it was hitting 181-185 for some of the time.

Really wanting to do some strength training today, but I think I should take it easy today as I am starting Insanity again tomorrow…third time around. I’ll probably try for another run on Sunday or something.

Have a great day and make good food choices πŸ™‚



3 responses to “Running Wasn’t That Bad

  1. Nice! You completed your 5k! Awesome stuff. Good thing you had a lovely breakfast to top it all off. As long as you’re running three times a week at least, you’re doing great. I’m looking to run my first half marathon. I’m not sure when, but I’ve been practicing.

    The hard part is really deciding what meals are right. I try to lock in 6 a day. They’ll each be 3 fist-size portions of a meat, a vegetable and anything random that’s not carbs.

    Keep at it. Wonderful start to the year and congratulations again.

      • I’ve got a half marathon app which makes me run 4 times a week. The first three days are generally moderate runs with a long run on the last day. As each week passes, the distance I cover increases. I recently did 22km but it made do that super slowly! 2hr 24mins is such a long time. As I did more intense sessions the following weeks, I completely understood why my first go at it was slow. I promise you the next one was everything I had hope for!

        Now I mostly do no less than 15km each day for the first three days and then vary the last day between 18km, 21km and 24km.

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